Choosing to apply to an Executive MBA program may feel like a daunting task and a challenge to fit into your already busy schedule. As a member of Fuqua’s admissions team, I strive to build authentic relationships with applicants to better serve as a resource through the process.

You may be wondering which MBA format would work best with your schedule, what is the best return on investment for your career aspirations, or if the Fuqua network is aligned with your values. Those are all questions you can talk through with the admissions team in an individual conversation. Here are three benefits to getting one-on-one advice from admissions:

1. Real-time feedback

As I mentioned, one of the most enjoyable parts of my job is the opportunity to start building relationships with applicants early in the process. This gives you access to feedback regarding fit and eligibility at Fuqua before even starting an application. We know you are a busy at work and in your personal life. Our job is to ensure you can focus your time pursuing an MBA program that aligns with your goals.

2. Academic preparation

The rigor of MBA programs is well-known and may be intimidating for candidates whose previous education performance may not reflect the maturity they’ve developed since. Speaking with an admissions counselor can help you get in front of perceived blemishes and identify opportunities to showcase new skills, professional development and overall growth.

Receiving a test waiver is a popular topic for these conversations—and we are happy to discuss if that’s the right option for you. We recognize that academic and professional experiences have prepared many of our applicants in quantitative disciplines and welcome these candidates to consider requesting a waiver. An admissions counselor can be an excellent sounding board if you’re curious about your test waiver eligibility.

3. Application best practices

Our team wants you to submit the most competitive application possible, so we are happy to discuss elements of the application or admissions process that may cause hesitation. Another popular topic discussed during these calls is how to appropriately showcase work experience. Fuqua attracts students from many professional backgrounds, and providing a current resume in a business format is an application requirement—and is also handy to have around!

Timing is one of the top concerns for prospective students and applicants. Whether you’re currently researching programs or actively working on an application, we want to help you make the decision of when to apply that not only works for your schedule but also supports your professional goals.

While these are some of the top inquiry topics covered during our calls, it is certainly not exhaustive. We love working with candidates to help you put your best foot forward in the application process—whatever that might look like for you.

You can schedule a call, upload your resume, and give us an idea of what you’d like to chat about by going here. Since each conversation is customized to your needs and questions, we want to make the best use of our time together by focusing on what is top-of-mind for you.