The Global Executive MBA at Fuqua combines distance learning periods with weeklong in-person residencies worldwide. The main objective of this program is to build business acumen while creating a diverse global network. This unique format allows students to travel together as a cohort and interact with faculty in and out of the classroom, making lifelong connections and memories. However, the program’s unique format may leave prospective students uncertain about what to expect regarding each facet of the program. This is where we come in as admissions liaisons! 

What do we do?

In the spirit of Team Fuqua, our role is to welcome new students into the Global Executive MBA community, guide them on their journey, help with any questions and share tips and best practices for their Fuqua journey. In addition, we constantly connect prospective students with current students and host live panels after every residency for incoming students to hear the authentic experiences of their predecessors. Most of the students from this program are dispersed around the country and the world. Therefore, we’re a resource to them while they get acquainted with their cohort and start creating their own connections.  

How do Admissions Liaisons shape the Fuqua experience?

Admissions liaisons help strengthen our Team Fuqua bond by connecting students in different cohorts and creating a sense of community.  

Paige: Working with prospective students is a lot of fun. Joann and I help connect applicants with our classmates. We’re constantly learning new things about our own cohort. It reinforces how strong our current community is and hopefully builds a strong, diverse cohort to follow our own.  

Joann: Connecting with new students is very insightful. As a new student, it was helpful to hear the experiences of peers who had gone through the same journey. Now, as an admissions liaison, I’m happy to do the same for new joiners. On top of that, Paige and I get to learn more about each member of the incoming class and gain knowledge that allows us to provide more valuable information.  

Students in the Global Executive MBA program at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business

What’s your top piece of advice for prospective students?

Joann: Be ready to embrace the Fuqua journey! Returning to school is a challenge on its own, on top of adjusting to a new environment and learning new subjects that might not be familiar. Be willing to pivot constantly and learn from your class. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, you’re doing great! 

Paige: Immerse yourself in the culture as much as you can. I met some classmates and now close friends (including Joann!) at Fuqua’s Blue Devil Celebration. Experiences like that, coupled with getting to know the admissions team (Kavita and Allison are amazing!) and admissions sessions, made choosing Fuqua easy, comfortable, and familiar.  

Why the Global Executive MBA?

Paige: A big reason that I chose this program was the class size. A small cohort has allowed me to build deep, authentic relationships as we travel together. And, the travel! Truly, there is no better bonding experience than the type of travel we do together as a cohort.  

Joann: I’ve focused my career on global roles. Therefore, the dynamic and international nature of the program appealed to me immediately. Each term has a view of a different region in the world. We learn about culture, business and make connections worldwide. 

Students from Fuqua's Global Executive MBA program at the Chilean Stock Exchange