There’s a lot to track during the admissions process—uploading transcripts and resumes, snagging an interview date and recommendation, and the application itself, of course. As a member of the Admissions team, I want to make sure applicants have all of the tools they need to submit a strong application that helps us genuinely get to know them.

Fuqua’s signature essay prompt asks applicants to list 10 things about themselves, big or small, that make them who they are. So, what makes for a great “10 Random Things” essay? Here are a few tips.

1. Be Yourself

This essay provides applicants with a chance to show the Admissions committee who they really are, and we encourage them not to be afraid to be their authentic selves. We want to hear about their quirks, passions, priorities, and unique perspectives on the world.

2. Be Specific

When an applicant says they are a “good cook” that does not tell us very much about them. Instead, I encourage applicants to go deeper, perhaps telling us a story about how they connected with a grandparent over making lasagna together or the time they won first place in a chili cook-off.

3. Be Concise

This doesn’t need to be a long essay. Each “thing” needs to be no longer than a few sentences. Being concise will help applicants stay on track and make sure their essay is easy to read.

4. Be Fresh

Avoid repeating information that’s already in the application such as professional roles or goals. Applicants should use this essay to share new information that we would not learn anywhere else.

5. Be Thorough

Proofread! Typos and grammatical errors are distracting and look sloppy. Applicants should take the time to proofread their essay before submitting it.

For anyone struggling to come up with 10 things, I suggest they start by brainstorming a list of interests, hobbies, and experiences. Then, narrow it down to the things that are most meaningful to them. The “10 Random Things” essay is a great opportunity to show the admissions committee why they would be a great fit for Fuqua. So, I encourage applicants to take their time and have fun with it!

9 members of the Global Executive MBA Class of 2024 posing for a photo in Berlin, some are wearing bike helmets
Global Executive MBA students enjoying a bike tour during their Berlin residency, July 2023