I have a bit of a mixed family history: I was born in Belgium and then lived in Germany for 5 years. We moved to Cincinnati when I was 7, and when I was 18 I went off to Pittsburgh to study Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. My mother is Bolivian and my father is French-Mexican. I grew up speaking French at and Spanish as I traveled to Latin American to spend most of my summers with my grandparents and cousins. As I have most recently spent 7 years abroad in Austria and Switzerland, I’ve had the chance to perfect my German as well. I now live in Zurich with my boyfriend and two kittens.

I started as an engineer at Bombardier Transportation, the leader in manufacturing of railway equipment. I moved through different product lines and countries in my engineering roles before eventually transitioning to sales, where I was responsible for Light Rail Vehicle (tram) sales in Switzerland. Shortly after the program, I started at Boston Consulting Group in Switzerland.

I love animals, and remain committed to living a lifestyle without any animal cruelty. I am a vegetarian, I no longer buy leather (which is tough on my shoe and purse addiction!), and I do my best to use cruelty-free (no animal testing) beauty and household products. I also love the mountains, so I spend free time snowboarding and climbing. I played a lot of soccer and basketball when I was younger, but now I've turned more to endurance sports like running (which I actually really hate, but it's a good way to burn calories!), biking and swimming and combining them all in triathlons. Besides that I enjoy traveling and visiting my family that is spread out all around the world. Oh, and I also really love cheese and chocolate—I’ve found a real home in Switzerland!

Coralie was a Cross Continent MBA student prior to the program's merger with the Global Executive MBA program.