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Leon FishmanLeon Fishman

Global Executive MBA | Class of 2020


I obsess over creating tools that make your work more delightful and simple. I'm a curiosity-driven product manager that is passionate about crafting innovative technologies that change the way people work. I love to learn more about how modern knowledge workers accept, process, and deliver tasks that drive their businesses forward. I am passionate about building the processes, habits, and tools that afford people to do their best work ever.

I’m getting my MBA at Fuqua because modern workers are no longer tied to their desks—they’re all over the world. The Global Executive MBA at Fuqua arms me with the knowledge and experience of understanding how different cultures interact with their work and what makes people fall in love with their careers.


Posts by Leon:

  • Making the Most of MBA Team Meetings - July 24, 2020

    Meetings are absolutely vital to connecting with your Duke MBA team and tackling projects and assignments. However, the tendency is to overuse meetings and create them when they’re not necessary. The guidelines below will help you have effective team meetings and keep everyone concretely on-task and driving towards their MBA goals.

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  • How to Stay Ahead in an Executive MBA Program - February 5, 2020

    Working a full-time job, working with your team, managing personal responsibilities, and getting an MBA at the same time is not for the weak-hearted. It takes grit and resilience to get through an executive MBA program—but the right mechanisms, habits, and tools are the key differentiators between success and failure.

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