Category: At the Residencies

How to Do Dubai Like a Pro

During Duke University’s intensive and internationally-focused Cross Continent MBA (CCMBA) program, you’ll travel to five unique locations. When the time comes for each residency, why not make the most out of the opportunity with an additional... Read More

Student Break Room Snacks Ranked

flatbread sandwiches, break room snacks

Fuqua provides some phenomenal snacks and cuisine while Cross Continent MBA (CCMBA) students are in class residencies. With the buffet breakfasts, all-encompassing Fox Center cafeteria lunches, and per diem dinners—during which you are able to... Read More

Team Fuqua: A School and a Family

Duke Fuqua Cross Continent MBA students on a farm in Jaipur, India

As we barreled down the road connecting Agra and Jaipur in our blissfully air-conditioned 12-person van, I found myself completely at ease. Our home on wheels was full of bright-eyed Fuqua students armed with economic... Read More