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How to Stay Ahead in an Executive Program

February 5, 2020

dozens of students seated in Geneen Auditorium with eyes on the on-stage presenter; how to stay ahead in an executive MBA program

Working a full-time job, working with your team, managing personal responsibilities, and getting an MBA at the same time is not for the weak-hearted. It takes grit and resilience to get through an executive MBA program—but the right mechanisms, habits, and tools are the key differentiators between success and failure.

Why I Chose to Start an MBA

October 8, 2019

15 students pose in front of an Alicorp sign with Alicorp swag bags in hand; start an MBA

Why do an MBA? What’s in it for me? What can I get out of it? These were questions I asked myself before I started the Global Executive MBA program at Fuqua in 2017

Tips for Success During Distance Learning Periods

September 23, 2019

Christina at an outdoor table with laptop working on distance learning assignments

For two weeks every quarter, Global Executive MBA students jet off to an international location and learn. But what about those remaining 10 weeks a quarter when we are learning from our respective homes

How To Survive Family Life During an EMBA

June 18, 2019

Jamie, his wife and two small kids posing for a family portrait; family life

Any EMBA program will put a strain on your family and relationship with your partner. But is it possible to mitigate the strain, and is it worth it

How Our Career Management Center Works with Students

May 8, 2019

five members of the career management center chat around a conference table

In the Career Management Center (CMC), we know that each student’s career journey is different, including the reasons that led to the selection of the Global Executive MBA program. Therefore we offer a variety of career-related programs and services

Lessons I’ve Learned as an International Student

March 29, 2019

dozens of students pose alongside bikes that were built during a team building exercise, international student

I’ve always wanted to push my limits and stretch my boundaries while staying true to my values. Fuqua turned out to be a perfect platform for me to do just that

4 Things to Know Before Starting the First Term

January 18, 2019

five students pointing at a team room computer screen during the first term residency

After months of waiting, chatting with future classmates via Slack, and MBA Math-ing to prepare for the coursework, beginning of the first term finally arrived! Orientation and the first residency in Durham was a remarkable…

10 Things I Learned in the Program

February 15, 2018

Students around a dining table, things I learned in my MBA program

Choosing to pursue an MBA is a life-altering decision. It usually involves spending quite some time looking at a program’s coursework, class size and composition, and school ranking among many other things

Hey, What’s Up with the (*)?

September 18, 2017


If you have landed here you are probably interested in learning more about how you pursue an MBA while keeping a full-time job. You are likely also interested in what those options look…

7 Ways to Maximize the MBA Experience

July 5, 2016

students celebrating Holi in Delhi, maximize the MBA experience

This blog was written by a Cross Continent MBA student prior to the program’s merger with the Global Executive MBA program.  The Cross Continent MBA is a unique program. Residencies. Visas. Traveling to some…

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