I never fall short of things to do and events to attend as an MQM student at Fuqua! If you do manage to attend most events organized for the students, you will have successfully developed a work-hard, play-hard approach, while feeling rejuvenated despite the academic rigor.

I have seen the efforts staff and students make for MQM students to build the spirit of Team Fuqua and ensure the all-round development of each student at multiple levels. Each experience is thoughtfully planned to enrich our student experience. Accounting for everything planned by the program director, Alistar Erickson-Ludwig, and the program coordinator, Calvin Athy, the MQM Association (MQMA), and the Career Management Center (CMC), it is commonplace to have at least two events a week. These usually range from informational sessions and team bonding activities to social gatherings and celebrations.

Connecting with Classmates

The MQMA meets every week with Alistar and Calvin to come up with suggestions for events for the cohort, which are facilitated by the student organization. Some of the best events that our cohort has had yet include meetups at breweries, bowling and trampoline park visits, goat yoga to unwind after a stressful week, cookies and mimosas after our mid-term tests, cultural celebrations for Diwali, and the Lunar New Year, and a trivia night. This is in addition to the activities that are planned for us by Alistar and Calvin at Fuqua and around Durham.

Here’s a list of my top five favorite events this year:

  1. Meeting our cohort on Orientation Day at Boxcar Arcade
  2. Lunar New Year celebration
  3. Team changeover and scavenger hunt at the Museum of Life and Sciences
  4. Diwali celebration
  5. Durham Bulls game
MQM students pose for photo at Durham Bulls minor league baseball game
Me (front left) with other MQM students at the Durham Bulls game

Prioritizing Mental Health

It is safe to say that there are always a few events in the pipeline to ensure that MQM students can relax and take a break from academics whenever it suits them. MQM leaders are also quick to support any students who are feeling overwhelmed with work and would send out weekly surveys to check in on your mental well-being as an individual and your team dynamics. It is thoroughly followed up, to ensure that every student feels supported in this program.

Career Events

The CMC organizes regular virtual and in-person sessions with both MQM and MBA alumni to provide students with the opportunity to understand varying job roles and connect with the vast network of students that Fuqua has. Moreover, CMC staff host behavioral and case mock interview sessions for paired practices with current students, as well as alumni. The CMC is also quick to offer its support to our MQM track chairs, student-leaders elected to represent each of the four academic tracks, for planning virtual meetings with MQM students working in varied job industries.

Joining a business school is a new and exciting experience for any student. It comes with a hectic schedule that can be academically stressful at times, especially if you decide to join a 10-month program. However, the experience is much more than that. MQM students always have the opportunity to unwind with their classmates, attend activities to refresh after a demanding week and make the most of their time at Fuqua.