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How I Met My First and Closest Friends in the Program

January 24, 2020

seven friends in the program standing around their dinner table clinking their beer glasses in a cheer

I got my acceptance from Fuqua in December 2018, and by the beginning of 2019, I had made up my mind about spending the next year of my life in Durham, North Carolina

Finding Another Home and Family at Fuqua

July 17, 2019

five hands with henna art together forming a circle, symbolizing family at Fuqua

I was born in Lahore, Pakistan, and my favorite part of traveling home is my mother’s food. A distinct smell of spices and vegetables emanates from her kitchen

My Favorite Study Spots

May 23, 2019

Rohma with a cup of coffee inside Triangle Coffee House, one of her favorite study spots

While a lot of studying can be done in the convenient Fuqua team rooms and library, I believe that it is important to venture beyond our walls and take advantage of the beautiful spots in Durham and the great things the larger Duke campus has to offer

The Value of Playing Intramural Sports at Duke

February 13, 2019

9 students pose for a photo after their soccer game, part of intramural sports at Duke

Do you love sports? Are looking to have fun? Intramural sports is something you can get involved in right away as a student at Duke. The university’s athletics program is world-class, but you…

Student Diversity on Display at Multicultural Events

by and
June 12, 2018

Two dozen students pose behind Indian and Pakistani flags, symbolic of student diversity at Fuqua

India/Pakistan Independence Day Because Fuqua does so much to encourage diversity, my friend Karan and I felt inspired to put on this event. About a month into our MQM program, we began to…

Fun Events Help Relieve Business School Stress

May 24, 2018

David and classmates pose for a photo during their zip line activity, one of the ways they relieved business school stress

When I start any adventure, the memories about my first impressions and thoughts are often a bit blurry because I usually get overexcited and try to pay attention to everything around me, with…

Bonding Through Extracurricular Activities

February 19, 2018

group photo of students on the basketball court, one of the extracurricular activities

Never would I have thought this brief, one-year encounter with Fuqua would be so personal and profound. Beginning early in the MQM program, a series of team building events made one thing clear—we would…

3 Great Spots for Brunch in Durham

December 14, 2017

an eggs Benedict plate from Brigs in the Park, a great spot for brunch in Durham

The coursework at Fuqua is rigorous, and as a student you’ll often be worn down from the many assignments and teamwork during the week. So you might find yourself wanting to sleep late on…