five students in a Zoom gallery, celebrating their capstone project work Completing Our Capstone Project Virtually October 9, 2020 - - We were at Harry's Breakfast Pancakes in Myrtle Beach eating, when one of us read the news about Harvard moving virtual for the rest of its term because of the COVID-19 outbreak in Massachusetts. It was our spring break trip—six of us drove in two cars from Durham to Myrtle Beach for a couple of days. We did not want to take an elaborate trip because of our recruitment plans, hence the short two-day getaway. It was the second week of March, and North Carolina was not facing an imminent COVID-19 threat, so we were not worried about Duke moving… ...Read More


Jane and her two teammates holding up their giant check from the data challenge A Data Challenge from Adobe and Major League Baseball August 4, 2020 - - Last fall, I had the absolute honor of representing Fuqua and Duke as a finalist in the Adobe Analytics Challenge. I was flown out to Adobe’s headquarters in San Jose, California, to present our big ideas in front of a panel of judges and a live audience.
7 students posing for a photo; where do MQM students live? Where Do MQM Students Live? July 13, 2020 - - Signing a lease for an apartment without seeing it, in a city you have never lived might sound like a daunting task and let me be honest with you, it is. So, here is the brief version of how I ended up staying where I did.
A screenshot of a Zoom gallery view during online classes including a dozen students' and their professor's video feeds Shifting to Online Classes During the Pandemic June 9, 2020 - - Now that we've graduated and most of my MQM classmates and I have entered our permanent vacations from academia, I can honestly say—I miss online classes.
Rachel standing in front of the LinkedIn sign, exploring West Coast jobs Exploring West Coast Jobs During Fall Break May 15, 2020 - - Last October, I spent a week in San Francisco during fall break and immersed myself in the Bay Area and its culture. It was a fantastic experience for a tech enthusiast like me and a great opportunity to learn more about West Coast jobs.
students seated and smiling during their graduation commencement; Class of 2019 jobs report MQM Jobs Report: A Front Row View April 10, 2020 - - Each year we release a jobs report, which is a snapshot of where our graduates land. While I'm always proud to share where our students are going and how each is pursuing his or her goals, it's also a moment of reflection.