Maximizing Value from the Weekend Executive MBA

Duke Fuqua Weekend Executive MBA students at a multi-class happy hour
Our Weekend Executive MBA '15 class networking with students from the '14 class at a campus happy hour

Wow, we are in Term 4 already and excited about the coveted graduation which is now in sight.

A little insight for those of you who might join future Weekend Executive MBA classes—this is my favorite term so far. The cases for our marketing and strategy courses are so interesting that you will enjoy reading them like a novel and not just a required reading. Don’t forget to highlight and take notes though, so you can summarize the key insights.

At this point, I think I can share some more specific wisdom in terms of expectations, time management, and overall how to make the best of this program. If you have just begun or are looking at starting in the future, I am sure you have some nervousness and open questions—probably just as we did a year or two ago at the same point in our MBA journey.

Time Management:

Relationship Management:

Maximizing value from the program:

Good luck and Godspeed!

Denny Singh

Weekend Executive MBA, Class of 2015

I live in Raleigh and currently lead strategy consulting for a bank. I joined the program for finance and leadership training and to broaden my perspective, which has included a slow conversion to a Duke sports fan.

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  • Abhijeet

    Thanks Denny for posting these insights!. I think all students from the class of 2016 will benefit from them. I had my orientation just a week ago and I was amazed at the amount of resources we have at our disposal. It all about how we want to leverage them.

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