Having spent my formative years in Siberia, it comes as no surprise that my life has been touched by its unique charm. The region's snowy landscapes and frigid temperatures fostered a deep affection for skiing, an enduring love for the snow, and an unwavering tolerance for cold climates. However, my journey eventually led me to the United States, where I fell head over heels for the captivating allure of New York, embracing its rich American culture and connecting with its remarkable people.

Before embarking on my current role at R3, I invested four enriching years at a Financial Startup, honing my skills and gaining valuable experience.

Presently, my professional passions revolve around the fascinating realms of Decentralized Finance, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain technology. Beyond the confines of my work, I find immense joy in immersing myself in the world of fine art. Drawing and indulging in oil painting serve as cherished pastimes, and in an ideal world with boundless free time, I would relish the opportunity to cultivate my talents further, aspiring to become a bona fide artist.

In a nutshell, I'm an ambitious professional with a zest for life, continuously striving to excel in my field while nurturing my creative spirit.