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What is Team Fuqua?

April 9, 2018

six students seated around a table, collaborating on work embodies the answer to "What is Team Fuqua?"

Team Fuqua. It’s a term you constantly hear in our community. Ask for a definition and a hundred people will tell you a hundred stories to illustrate what it means to them. Synthesizing…

Looking Back on My MBA Experience

January 3, 2017

dozens of students sitting in the stands at a basketball game in Cameron Indoor Stadium, a scene unique to the MBA experience at Duke

Embracing Diversity Having worked in a global corporation for nearly a decade, I thought I understood diversity. In fact, at one point I was a “Diversity and Inclusion Award” winner. I earned that by…

Get Out of Your Bubble!

December 11, 2014

“We live in our own bubble.” As we gain work experience, we constantly create a bubble of networks and expertise. If we stay in this bubble, we are at risk of restricting our…

Nothing Stays the Same, Not Even in an MBA Program: Being Flexible & Trusting your Judgment are Keys to Success

January 23, 2014

If you are applying to business schools right now, you’ve probably written essays or spoken in interviews with some confidence about exactly why you want an MBA and what you plan to do…

The Fuqua Kind of Friday

August 6, 2013

I am no stranger to Fridays! After a grueling week, most people I know like to kick back and relax; some may even crack a smile. But this was different — never had…

“Team Fuqua” is Not Just a Slogan

July 5, 2013

As a prospective student, I was very aware of the tension inherent in the relationship between prospective students and their prospective schools. Just like with job interviewing or dating, each party is trying…

Tailgating with the Dean

February 22, 2013

Duke Fuqua School of Business Dean Bill Boulding with several Daytime MBA students

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend an event called “Tailgating with the Dean.” My experience was quite different from what most would consider tailgating — hanging out with friends huddled around a…

Looking Back, After a Long Haul

February 6, 2013

I turned in my last paper on December 16, and I officially graduate on May 11 of this year. I now occupy the time between official completion and the time when I celebrate…