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Invest in Yourself

September 23, 2016

WEMBA students participate in team building

Have you been struck from out of the blue? Well I have. One fine day in January 2014, I was contemplating my future and suddenly a thought struck me. I realized that I…

Going Back to College: No More ‘Exam Fever’

August 2, 2016

Lunch with classmates - part of going back to college

I’m at the same age as the average person in our class, which means I have been out of school for about 15 years. That’s a long time. The two things I specifically remember…

Maximizing Value from the Weekend Executive MBA

June 3, 2015

Duke Fuqua Weekend Executive MBA students at a multi-class happy hour

Wow, we are in Term 4 already and excited about the coveted graduation which is now in sight. A little insight for those of you who might join future Weekend Executive MBA classes—this…

Everyone’s Career Path is Different

January 21, 2015

Group photo of WEMBA graduates

Our Weekend Executive MBA class is a diverse group. We’re from all over the country, work in many different industries and had different reasons for joining the Fuqua community. We also had varying…

Get Out of Your Bubble!

December 11, 2014

students getting to know each other during orientation

“We live in our own bubble.” As we gain work experience, we constantly create a bubble of networks and expertise. If we stay in this bubble, we are at risk of restricting our…

My Mid-MBA Career Transition

October 15, 2014

Support from my team was crucial to help ease my transition at work

Undertaking a Duke MBA while working full-time is a serious commitment in itself, but over the course of the 20 months you’re in the program…life still happens! Many of my classmates had children…

Contact Admissions for Guidance

October 3, 2014

Fuqua's admission staff

Originally from Florida, I made the move to North Carolina over the summer to join Fuqua’s Admissions staff. Like many of you, I was looking to be part of something bigger. What I…

Personal and Professional Lessons from my MBA

March 19, 2014

Dean Boulding congratuling student at graduation

I believe there are definite advantages to being a Weekend Executive MBA student—from both a personal and professional perspective—and the program format encourages us to learn soft skills and hard skills. Some specific…

Free Lunch with a Side of Honest MBA Insight

February 26, 2014

Students enjoying lunch at the JB duke Dining Room

Maybe it’s just me, but even though I’m a Director at a Fortune 50 company, I’m still a sucker for a free lunch. Based on that, it probably won’t come as much of…

Forming Your Professional Playbook: Advice from an Industry Leader

February 5, 2014

executive speaker

While most of us at Fuqua, myself included, have long ago given up on our dreams of playing professional sports, I have to admit that when I had the opportunity to hear from…