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Daytime MBA

How Fuqua Helped Me to Be Successful in My Recruiting Process
Published November 18, 2022 in Duke Daytime MBA Student Blog
five people posing in front of Duke Chapel
As an international student living in the U.S. for the first time, it was really challenging to recruit for a job as the process was new to me.read more ❯


A Day in the Life of an MMS Student
Published October 05, 2022 in Duke MMS Student Blog
an aerial shot of students sitting at dining tables, eating and talking
It’s back to college for many students in Fuqua’s Master of Management Studies program and the start already feels accelerating as well as exhilarating!read more ❯

Global Executive MBA

Applying My Leadership Learnings in Real-Time at IBM
Published May 04, 2022 in Duke Global Executive MBA Student Blog
Jamal giving a speech on the graduation ceremony stage
Looking back now after completing my Global Executive MBA, I ask myself, was it truly worth it? Did I get the value and the opportunities that I deserved?read more ❯

MQM: Business Analytics

5 Ways I Managed Stress During Business School
Published September 09, 2022 in Duke MQM Student Blog
Erica and her friend holding up their pottery work
Business school can get stressful at times, especially when it’s an extremely fast-paced 10-month program like MQM. read more ❯

Weekend Executive MBA

Unlocking the True Strength of a Team
Published October 28, 2022 in Duke Weekend Executive MBA Student Blog
100-plus executive MBA students in Team Fuqua jerseys on Duke's basketball court
It wasn’t until I came to Fuqua, that I understood there was one more stage we should be striving to achieve, one of interdependence.read more ❯