I’m currently the Director of Global Video at MetLife working towards becoming their Unified Communications lead. Prior to that I was the Senior Program Manager for Avaya in Global Emerging Technologies. I spent my early career at ESPN/Atlantic Video in Washington, DC and New York City on their shows Pardon the Interruption, Around the Horn and First & 10. While there, I led a small team and quickly realized that I enjoyed being an effective, dynamic, people-centric business leader. I ultimately moved out of my PR/marketing focus to pursue general management positions in emerging and unified technologies.

Despite working in tech, I actually lead a simple and relaxing home life. I own a small hobby farm in North Raleigh complete with bees, chickens, dogs, and the occasional goat (which by the way make terrible pets). I also enjoy escaping to the mountains on a regular basis to take part in exciting outdoor excursions and marveling at the natural beauty of this great planet. And then of course what better way to take in that beauty than to ride atop a completely overpowered machine like my jet skis or motorcycle.

I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a communications degree and concentration in media productions. As I grew my career into management, it became clear that to further develop my skill sets that I should pursue a top-ranked MBA program. I’m excited to attend Fuqua and learn new and innovative ways to energize people and drive myself to achieve greater results for the enterprise. I look forward to the journey, and I choose to blog here to give you first-hand insight into some of the things you can expect from the Executive MBA program at Duke University.