Many of Fuqua’s student-run clubs organize “Week-in-Cities” trips to different regions of the country to network with businesses and alumni. As a cabinet member of the Net Impact Club, I had the pleasure of co-organizing this year’s trek to the Bay Area, which occurred a couple months ago during Fall Break.

Every year the Net Impact Club schedules the Week-in-Cities trip in conjunction with the Net Impact National Conference, which was held in San Jose and wonderfully described in a previous post by second-year blogger Jen McFann.

During the three days before the national conference, our group of 30 learned a lot from wonderful panels of socially-minded businesses men and women from 6 focus areas: Social Finance, Energy & Sustainability, Education, Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Impact Consulting and Global Health & International Development. We also visited the offices of Clif Bar, Nest Labs, RSF Social Finance and FSG Social Impact Consulting. We attended a happy hour with many Fuqua alumni from a variety of industries who live in the Bay Area.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are the highlights of our Week-in-Cities trip!

After returning to Fuqua at the end of the week, we were all excited by what we had learned in San Francisco and ready to jump into recruiting season!