students having a discussion with Professor Gavan Fitzsimons in a classroom 3 of My Favorite Professors November 19, 2020 - - The faculty at Fuqua is a highlight of the MBA experience. We have a number of thought leaders in a variety of different industries who all bring a unique perspective to the classroom. ...Read More


carbin office sign; enrtrepreneurship The Highs and Lows of Entrepreneurship During Business School November 11, 2020 - - When I came into my first year at Fuqua, second year of my dual-degree overall, I had decided it was time to embrace something different. Fresh off an internship at WeWork, I had entrepreneurial inspiration and an idea for applying techniques I learned during my internship to a new context.
a dozen students pose with a Duke banner beneath the Stryker Neurovascular sign during their first terms at Fuqua How to Maximize the First Terms at Fuqua October 9, 2020 - - I had heard how fast time flies once school starts, but it only really registered in mid-December while I was walking out from my last exam of the term. Time and tide wait for no man, but man did I wish I had known a few things before the craziness came and went.
a student looking at her laptop smiling during virtual recruiting Virtual Recruiting During COVID-19: Lessons Along the Way September 18, 2020 - - Since March, our team has been working diligently to help our students, alumni and employers to navigate the many challenges of virtual recruiting during COVID-19. Along the way, we’ve seen firsthand how job seekers can succeed despite the uncertainties and rapid changes. Here are a few insights that can make a big difference.
Bishnu on stage with David Robinson during their interview, one of Bishnu's most memorable experiences at Fuqua My 10 Most Memorable Experiences at Fuqua August 18, 2020 - - When I was a prospective student, I remember reading marketing materials about Fuqua. Now that I have graduated, I have seen how the elements of that content have been brought to life. I...
A screenshot from Manu's video below where he talks about his alumni impact Stories of Alumni Impact August 5, 2020 - - At Fuqua, we believe that all of our students and alumni have the potential to lead positive social change. This is exactly why the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship works to build our students' competencies, connections, and community so that, when they graduate, they have an impact—wherever they go.