nine students plus an instructor pose for a group photo on stage during their business improv class How Business Improv at Fuqua Changed My Life November 6, 2019 - - This is my story of why I vowed abstention from public speaking because of Russia, and how a business improv class at Fuqua changed all that while helping me overcome my lifelong fear of performing on stage ...Read More


a Fuqua notebook on a table; gaining board experience Our Fuqua on Board Experience November 1, 2019 - - Fuqua On Board is a volunteer-based, year-long program where MBA students are selected from a pool of applicants and paired with a local nonprofit to serve as a non-voting board member
dozens of incoming exchange students pose for a group photo under the Fuqua banner in the Fox Center What Do Incoming Exchange Students Think About Fuqua? October 17, 2019 - - Every year, Fuqua takes in about 60 incoming exchange students from all over the world. As a Fuqua student, the diversity they bring to our school is another great thing about the experience here
Dean Bill Boulding on stage with students watching in the foreground 3 Reasons I Chose the MSTeM Track as an International MBA Candidate October 4, 2019 - - As I was in your shoes as a prospective student, I wanted to know which program could help me most in achieving my post-MBA goal to work in the U.S. and to become an enabled business leader in a world of Big Data and AI
students posing for a group photo during the Prodigy event, gaining entrepreneurial experience Gaining Entrepreneurial Experience at Fuqua October 1, 2019 - - Coming into Fuqua, I had many ideas about how to spend my two years. One of them was to pursue entrepreneurship, and business school has helped me tremendously in that regard
6 European students holding up swag from the European Business Club; international applicants 3 Resources to Help International Applicants Find the Right MBA Program September 26, 2019 - - I remember two years ago, with the GMAT out of the way, I was confident that I had just completed the hardest part of the application process. Then, all of a sudden, it hit me: I had no idea what program was truly right for me