a couple dozen entrepreneurial students posing for a group photo My Entrepreneurial Journey During Business School July 9, 2019 - - If you have an entrepreneurial itch, business school is a great time to scratch it ...Read More


Why We Believe In Doing Business Better July 8, 2019 - - Every year, the Admissions Committee has the task of identifying students who are energized by the belief that it is possible to do well in business and do good in the world. As...
application: a woman working on her laptop Changes to the 2019–2020 Duke MBA Application June 20, 2019 - - The Duke MBA Admissions team has made several changes to our application process this year with the goal of increasing accessibility to all applicants, streamlining the process, and providing the greatest number of applicants the opportunity to meet with Duke MBA students and staff in person
Janette posing in her graduation gown with her degree; gaining leadership experience How Gaining Leadership Experience at Fuqua Transformed Me June 3, 2019 - - The final term of my second year at Fuqua has come to the end, and it was another term full of emails, calls, and busy schedules. People usually worship second-year MBA life as the most chill period of the business school experience. It seems like the reality was different, at least for me.
a soldier looks on as a handful of student work together to make their way through a 'spiderweb' obstacle during leadership development exercises Leadership Development at Fuqua May 1, 2019 - - Business school serves a range of purposes, from career shifts to personal and skill development. For me, school was about transitioning from an individual contributor to a leader, and developing the skillset to lead effectively.
local music scene: an outdoor stage at the bluegrass festival in Raleigh Exploring the Vibrant Local Music Scene April 4, 2019 - - Music has always been a big part of my life. Moving recently from New York, I was pleasantly surprised by the diverse and vibrant music scene in Durham and the greater Triangle area....