Students seated at the Fuqua Pride booth at a club fair talk to passers by; LGBTQ+ students Beyond a Safe Space: Empowering LGBTQ+ Students January 14, 2021 - - I had been researching business schools for a couple years, and after a while, all the top schools seemed the same. I needed something that would cut through the sound bites and similarities to know whether or not I, an openly gay individual, would belong. ...Read More


dozens of students from the Latin American Student Association pose for a group photo in September 2019; best self Becoming My Best Self at Fuqua January 8, 2021 - - My journey at Fuqua was not linear. I moved from Brazil to the United States specifically to join Fuqua. I’ve experienced all the feelings and struggles international students usually go through when pursuing their MBA.
a student on stage speaking to an auditorium of conference attendees; a learning opportunity for a social entrepreneur The 3 Most Valuable Lessons I Learned as a Social Entrepreneur January 4, 2021 - - Needless to say that an entrepreneur's life is not all roses, and I learned a lifetime of lessons in this journey. Here are a few I think everyone should know at the beginning.
a masked student in class; Technological Transformation of Business Preparing for Disruption: Technological Transformation of Business December 29, 2020 - - This past year, Fuqua launched a new set of core summer term introductory courses. One class was Technological Transformation of Business, which discussed how technology and specific companies revolutionized and disrupted markets, institutions, businesses, and ultimately, society.
Fuqua Statue Wearing a Mask; Duke MBA Grads Where Duke MBA Grads Landed Jobs in the Pandemic is Only Part of the Story December 15, 2020 - - Even with 2020's challenges, our employment report boasts impressive numbers and tells the stories of what our Duke MBA grads overcame.
McCallen and five other women in graduation caps posing amidst Duke's gothic campus architecture; extracurricular commitments Balancing My Extracurricular Commitments December 2, 2020 - - Getting your MBA provides an opportunity to explore different interests and build on existing skills. The challenge is weighing the desire to be busy and explore new opportunities with maintaining a healthy balance in your life.