Many students posing on the steps of the Fuqua School of Business How Learning to Lean on My Fuqua Community Made Me A Better Leader April 6, 2021 - - The most challenging aspect of my leadership experience was last summer when I felt like I could barely balance life personally and professionally. The first wave of COVID-19 hit, classes were now virtual, my internship had been shortened, and I was grappling with how to build an inclusive community through it all. ...Read More


A number of students, some posing arm-in-arm, some holding shopping bags; D&I at Fuqua My Experience with D&I at Fuqua and in the Corporate World March 30, 2021 - - Reflecting on my background helped to enable me up for my personal mission in Diversity and Inclusion (D&I). My first opportunity in D&I came in the form of supporting our recruiting team by going back to Temple, my undergraduate alma mater, to identify candidates to join the company.
A student wearing a mask in the foreground, and two students in the background waving; Challenges of Leadership The Rewards and Challenges of Leadership Positions at Fuqua March 19, 2021 - - In some of my first interactions, I could see the many possibilities for students to be leaders within the Fuqua community and to make a difference for their peers and the broader community. Taking the responsibility of being a leader at Fuqua is essential to maintaining the Fuqua community which we love so much.
Four men in shirts and ties, smiling, standing arm in arm against a brick wall; Fuqua Community is Genuine The Fuqua Community is Genuine March 12, 2021 - - I began my business school search broadly, looking for a program that stood out. I had little doubt about making close friends in a tight-knit community. But could that collaborative, team-first mentality really make a difference when it counted?
Nwaka Isamah with her classmates in the desert of Namibia; How My Multi-cultural Background Prepared Me to Attend Fuqua How My Multi-Cultural Background Prepared Me to Attend Fuqua February 25, 2021 - - Before embarking on business school and then the business world, I was terrified. I soon discovered there were nice people who genuinely cared and wanted a better world too.
the Breeden Hall entrance to Fuqua; experimenting in entrepreneurship Experimenting in Entrepreneurship at Fuqua February 15, 2021 - - I decided to use my two years in business school to learn more about what it's like to work with smaller companies—especially startups—and try my hand as a founder, experimenting in entrepreneurship. Fuqua has turned out to be the perfect place to do this.