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Duke Fuqua Admissions - Allison Jamison, Director of Recruitment for Daytime MBA and MMS

As the director of recruitment and marketing for the Daytime MBA and MMS programs, I have the great honor of working closely with our prospective students each year. I work with our Fuqua Admissions team to find the best ways to meet and engage with individuals considering either an MBA or MMS program, and it is truly a pleasure to get to know our applicants.

I began working at Fuqua in 2006, and have always been very involved in our recruitment efforts and strategy. You are likely to meet me throughout the year at Admissions events around the world, and if you have ever received an email from Fuqua Admissions I likely had a hand in developing that message. I also serve as the Admissions contact for military veterans, as I am myself a military spouse. Fun fact: I began my experience with Fuqua as a partner, accompanying my husband (a Daytime MBA 2007 alumnus) to Durham before later joining the Admissions team.

I earned my BS in Commerce from the University of Virginia, and my MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to joining Team Fuqua, my experience was in marketing and membership for Club Corp, and later in nonprofit management.

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