I lived in India for 27 years before finally coming to Durham for business school, and I am excited about the new things here.

I did my engineering degree in computer science. I was passionate about problem-solving and understanding the impact of technology on society, which led me to France to work on a project on humanoid robots to safeguard human lives in critical operations. After a successful conclusion to the project, I was more curious to explore the reach of technology, which led to Goldman Sachs where I worked with hedge fund clients to help understand and grow business. While I was working at Goldman, I also co-founded a nonprofit organization that helps revive the popularity of Indian classical music.

At Fuqua, I am a member of the Tech Club and the Consulting Club and serve as a cabinet member of the Arts@Fuqua club. I love to take pictures of this place—Duke University, Durham, and everything around here—and often you will find me with my camera on campus.