Two years is not really a long time by any measurement standards. However, it is hard to realize how short that time is when you are doing an MBA at Fuqua. And so, before the two years vanish between the rush of the classes, the employer events, and the numerous events at Fuqua, here are some tips that will help you explore the “Bull City” to the fullest.


North Carolina is right in the lap of some of the best trails in the country and Durham is only a few miles from a lot of impressive ones. If you don’t have your own car, you can get to these hikes by either renting your own vehicle, carpooling with your friends who have cars, or Uber if you are up for that. At the parks or the start of the hiking trails, check the visitor center for information on the trails and distances and best trails for the season you are in. You can carry light refreshments and bug spray based on the hikes you plan to go on. Generally, I have hiked early in the morning and have come back down the trail by noon. This gives you the second half of the day back to catch up on assignments or pre-readings and have a nice dinner while you are at it. Also, don’t forget to click a picture while you are there.

Below are some of the best hikes that I would recommend during your time at Fuqua.

  1. Eno River
  2. Raven Rock
  3. Umstead Park
  4. Pilot Mountain
  5. Al Buehler Trail

Of course, this list is far from being exhaustive and you can explore more. There is also the North Carolina hiking passport book which you can refer to for more information.


While the below list might seem obvious by the time your two years end in Durham, I believe it’s a decent place to start for exploring food options. You will have an unlimited number of opportunities to go out with your friends, C-Lead team and many other groups to multiple lunch and dinner outings, and having a comprehensive and dependable list is of utmost importance for those times. Based on the preferences of people and the global food scene at Durham, I have tried to put together a list of places separated by global cuisines that you should probably all try.

  1. M Koko and Dashi — For the best Ramen in Durham, explore these two places.
  2. Lime & Lemon and Naan Stop — These two provide the much-requested spicy Indian food.
  3. Thai at Main Street — One of the best Thai food places located in Downtown Durham.
  4. M Sushi — If you are a sushi fan, this is where you go.
  5. Heavenly Buffaloes — An all-time favorite for all folks at Fuqua, this is the go-to place for some excellent chicken wings.
A sampling of the menu at M Kokko

Games and Fun

Sooner or later, there will be a time to visit the game zones with your many friends at Fuqua. Whether it is to celebrate the completion of an assignment or term, an interview invite, a section outing, or just connecting with your friends—Durham has multiple options for gaming. Listed below are some of the commonly visited options in Durham.

  1. Boxcar: An arcade of games, it has many gaming options and drinks for a nice time.
  2. AMF Durham Lanes bowling: If you are a bowling fan and love some fries and pizza, this is your place to go.


And sooner than all else, you might end up looking to catch a quick drink at a place to relax and forget a tough week when it comes along. Apart from the usual suspects of Shooters on Fridays and Tavern on Tuesdays, here is a list of places you can visit to have a good time.

  1. Dain’s Place
  2. Bull City Ciderworks
  3. Alley Twenty-Six
  4. Ponysaurus Brewing
  5. Hi-Wire Brewing
  6. Bull McCabe’s
a man playing guitar; where to go in Durham
Fuqua’s house band Supply and Deband playing at The Tavern

Coffee and Cafes

One of the most sought-after locations in any city is the small cafes—either for a quick coffee break, meeting a friend, or getting some work done. One of the things to keep an eye out for is that some of the cafes close at earlier hours like 6 p.m. Also, an honorary mention is the Starbucks at the Harris Teeter grocery store on Ninth Stree and the Dunkin outlet on Erwin Drive.

  1. Joe Van Gogh
  2. Cocoa Cinnamon
  3. Mad Hatter’s
  4. Foster’s Market
  5. Monuts

Around Durham

Durham is a small, quaint, and beautiful city that has many hidden stories. If you get the time, there is certainly a lot of history to explore and pictures to click. You can explore some of the on-campus sightings such as Duke Chapel on weekdays. Also, keep an eye out for the multiple events organized in the chapel—such as the Christmas celebrations on the 24th of December.

  1. The American Tobacco Campus
  2. Duke Chapel
cherry blossoms in the foreground with Duke Chapel in the background at sunset; where to go in Durham
Duke Chapel in Spring