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Duke Fuqua Admissions Director Dan McCleary

As director of admissions for Duke’s Executive MBA Programs, I oversee the admissions team for the Weekend Executive MBA and Global Executive MBA programs.

I have been at Fuqua for 15 years, and I have worked in a variety of different roles within the Marketing & Communications, Admissions, and Global Business Development departments. Prior to my current admissions role, I was the regional director for India, leading alumni relations, corporate development, student recruitment and admissions, and program delivery in the region. India remains a significant professional interest, and I continue work with many of my colleagues across Fuqua and Duke on India-related initiatives.

Before coming to Duke in 2002, I had a 14-year career in publishing and media, working in management positions for a variety of companies in New York and Washington, D.C., including Thomson Reuters and The Washington Post Company.

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