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mba studentHeather Langerman

I grew up in New Jersey and went to Northwestern for undergrad, where I studied Social Policy and Spanish. After college, I served as an AmeriCorps volunteer for a year at a non-profit start-up in New York City focused on youth development through sports. I then moved to Washington, DC, where I worked at a firm doing healthcare policy research for the federal government. My time in the DC policy world gave me the bug for healthcare, and I came to Fuqua to pursue the Health Sector Management (HSM) certificate as well as learn business fundamentals that I can apply to a career in healthcare management. At Fuqua, I am most excited about taking advantage of the resources of the HSM program to learn about the different aspects of our healthcare system, such as provider and payer strategy, biotech/ pharma and medical devices. My other goals at Fuqua are to push myself to broaden my perspectives on issues that emerge in business and become a more confident leader.

In my spare time, I love being outdoors — running, biking, hiking, skiing, you name it. One of my favorite parts of Durham so far is the Al Buehler trail, a 3-mile loop next to campus. Before coming to Fuqua, I completed a cross-country bicycle trip from San Diego to Washington, DC, which was an amazing experience. I also enjoy doing yoga, arts and crafts, puzzles and reading historical fiction.

Fuqua Activities: I am an Admissions Ambassador and help to organize panels for prospective students to learn more about academics at Fuqua. I am also a cabinet member of the Healthcare Club and an active member of the Association for Women in Business. I plan to participate in the Fuqua Client Consulting Program and the Duke Hospital experiential learning program.

mba studentBering Tsang

This is my second lap around Duke University having attended undergrad here nearly 9 years ago. I am from Sonoma County, California, so coming to school on the East Coast was A Big Deal. It was during my freshman year of college when 9/11 happened and a lot of things changed for me after that. I joined Navy ROTC and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps after graduation. An enormous transformation occurred between when I joined the Marine Corps and when I left it in the summer of 2013.

It was Duke that prepared me for that experience. Duke created the chance for me to work in teams, appreciate the moral imperative of leadership, and understand what it meant to be part of something greater than myself. Through 8 years of service, my leadership and character were shaped by the people I forged relationships with at Duke — some of whom served with me in the Marine Corps. When I knew I needed to transition, because the predominant American efforts overseas were coming to a close, I applied to one business school — Fuqua. Duke had prepared me for the first chapter of my life and I knew it would prepare me for the second. Perhaps not so coincidentally, some of those same undergrad friends also returned to the Duke medical school and Fuqua.

Prior to attending Fuqua, I was a Marine Corps Captain with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan in 2008 and 2009 respectively. My last place of duty was in Washington, DC. After Fuqua, I am excited about the prospect of exploring opportunities in the financial industry and being a part of a dialogue on non-military national service and veteran employment post-service.

Fuqua Activities: I serve my class (C/O 2015!) as a Judicial Representative to promote understanding and respect for the Fuqua Honor Code. I also serve as an Admissions Ambassador to steward Fuqua to prospective students. Lastly, I serve with the Duke Armed Forces Association to assist with veteran issues and initiatives at Duke.

Random Facts: In no particular order, my top movies are Ratatouille, Top Gun, and Love Actually. I did my first and only Ironman triathlon in Lake Placid, NY. I eat a lot of noodles and pizza. My favorite type of music is Country/Bluegrass. I wear a lot of neon.

mba studentTrevor McKinnon

I surprise most people who ask where I’m from by answering “London” — unexpected because of my American accent. I actually began living in the States (Los Angeles for three years, followed by New Jersey for four) and moved to Cobham, Surrey, England, when I was 7. Although my dad thought the relocation would only last three years, we ended up staying for 12! Living abroad gave me the opportunity to travel around the globe and become friends with people from all over — the small international school I attended had students from over 60 countries.

Following England, I studied Advertising at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT. In between my freshman and sophomore year, I put academic studies on hold and served a two-year ecclesiastical mission in Calgary, Canada. My assigned language there was Spanish, so when I returned to BYU I added Spanish as my minor.

In my final semester at BYU I got married and, since my wife still had another year and a half of school, we decided to stay put. I found a great employment opportunity with a new company called 818 Group, and as the first full-time hire, I helped the company grow steadily during my three years there. As a marketing consultant, I helped our clients plan their yearly marketing strategies and then orchestrated the execution and follow-up of their marketing campaigns. I also helped develop new marketing technology that is currently used on multiple company websites across the globe.

At Fuqua: Fuqua was the perfect fit for me and my family (my wife and I now have an infant daughter), giving all of us the opportunity to grow. I plan to concentrate on strategy and marketing, hoping to secure a position with a consulting firm for my internship. I am involved in the Consulting Club, Marketing Club, European Club, and Fuqua Hoops. In addition to Fuqua clubs, homework, and recruiting, I can also be found giving tours to prospective students, attending basketball games, playing at the park with my family, or watching Breaking Bad.

daytime mba studentDorothy Tong

I was born and raised in gorgeous Southern California, and am literally a Valley Girl. I studied Psychology and Linguistics at UCLA, and also studied/worked abroad in Beijing and Taipei.

I am The Cupcake Princess®, and ran my dream dessert business Cupcake & Cookie for the past 3 years. Cupcake & Cookie is the result of my life-long love affair with dessert, where we specialize in really fun and unique desserts, like our trademark cupcake filled cookies® and cookie filled cupcakes®. We are also champions of Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars.”

I am now a first-year at Fuqua in order to become a truly global, collaborative leader. Fuqua’s admissions essay about 25 random facts about myself is probably one of the favorite things I have ever written. I am super excited to share my Fuqua experience here with you!

Fuqua Activities: I am the EDGE Social Media Fellow, Assistant Director of Events at Fuqua, Admissions tour guide, and a show producer with Fuqua Vision.

twitter icon Follow me @dorothytong and on instagram @dorothytong.

mba studentJames Megivern

I hail from the great state of Iowa where I attended Iowa State University and studied finance. Upon graduation, I joined Deere & Company and by an apparent accident, management let me trade millions of dollars of foreign currency every day. After two wonderful years, I transitioned to corporate finance at UnitedHealth in Minneapolis. I was soon overcome by an overwhelming desire to put my business skills to more meaningful use, and I joined the Peace Corps as a business development advisor in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Living without electricity and running water was much easier than I imagined, and I loved my job. I worked with inspiring entrepreneurs and helped launch several new businesses.

I choose Fuqua because of its incredible reputation in social impact and sustainable business. My goal after graduation is to work at an entrepreneurial, socially-minded company in a business development or strategy role.

Fuqua Activities: I’m an active member of the Net Impact, Entrepreneurship, and High Tech clubs. I enjoy playing tennis, running, and spending spare time (what spare time?) with friends at Fullsteam.

Interesting Facts: My wife is also a first-year student at Fuqua (yes, most of our conversations involve school!). I once permed my hair. I’m a travel enthusiast. Call me a nerd, but I really enjoy playing Settlers of Catan. I’m proud to call myself an amateur competitive eater.

mba studentRadiris Diaz

I am a first generation Dominican-American. I was born in Brooklyn, raised speaking Spanish, attending Mets games and dancing merengue and bachata over my summers in the Dominican Republic. I come from a big family — I’m the awesome middle child sprinkled in between 5 siblings. While I was not the first in my family to go to college, I was the first to go away. I attended Carnegie Mellon University where I discovered I had an accent — who would’ve thought?! I also realized how family-oriented I am. I speak to my mother every day, unless I’m across the world somewhere, but even then, we figure something out.

My noble purpose is to motivate others through the identification, exposure and appreciation of their gifts, talents, strengths, potential, passions or calling. I do this by showing them the power of love, how to overcome constraints, hurdles or self-imposed limits and negative thinking. Writing, small acts of service, active listening, a smile over the phone, random acknowledgements and thank you cards are the ways I achieve my noble purpose. I’m trying to save the world by spreading happiness.

Pre-Fuqua: I started my career in management consulting in 2005. I was a Strategy & Change consultant at IBM, where I focused on operations strategy in the energy & utilities industry. I later switched industries and joined Ernst & Young LLP, to work in financial services. I switched specialties and became a strategic technology adviser, as well as the chief happiness officer for my extraordinary working group.

At Fuqua: Diversity Panel Coordinator for Admissions, Student Affairs Chair for the Black and Latino MBA Organization, and member of Fuqua’s Leading Women, Net Impact, and a Forte Foundation Ambassador.

I plan on studying abroad, working with CASE, exploring the outdoors (BOLD), and expanding my leadership capabilities (COLE). I have a baby — I mean, a web publication that I hope to grow and expand while I learn more about social entrepreneurship (visit me at www.cutegeek.com).

Post-Fuqua: In my eyes, there are 3 ways to improve a business — through its technology, processes, and people. I’ve done the first 2 and now want to focus on the last one. I came to Fuqua to transition into a role where I can help improve a company’s performance by focusing on the development on its people. I am a volcano of ideas waiting to erupt — the possibilities are endless!

mba studentChristina Mannarino

I was born and raised as a New Yorker and Yankees fan. I studied accounting (a thrilling experience) and international business at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, with a short stint in Rome for the sole purpose of drinking wine and eating pizza. Shortly thereafter I moved back to New York and spent four years at Ernst & Young, most recently providing transaction advisory for mergers and acquisitions, where I got to do cool things like meet Harvey Weinstein and work on high profile acquisitions. I came to Fuqua to pursue a career with a functional role in marketing and/or strategy at a company that does cool things that I care about. Fortunately, thanks to my varied interests, my job search has by no means been limited.

After a quarter century in the Northeast, I packed my bags and headed south. The question I get most from prospective students is: How difficult was the transition from New York to North Carolina? My answer: The transition was seamless — I enjoy being able to make my morning commute without worrying about getting hit by a taxi. But that’s just me.

Fuqua Activities: Association of Women in Business Ambassador, Cabinet member of Fuqua’s Leading Women and General Management Club, Fuqua Pride Ally, and Leadership Cohort Experience participant. You can also find me hanging out at the admissions office lounge talking to prospective students.

Advice: Travel before business school. Forget about the opportunity cost of the extra 1 or 2 months’ salary and just go. I spent time in Southeast Asia and Europe the summer before B-School and it was the best decision I ever made (and I also had the chance to meet many future Fuquans while abroad!).

mba studentMjumo Mzyece

I’m from Zambia. I was born, raised, and educated there before going to the University of Manchester, England, where I studied electronic and electrical engineering. Later, I was a graduate student at the University of Strathclyde, Scotland. My career has taken me to a number of countries, most recently South Africa, where I worked in the telecommunications industry, in R&D on mobile/wireless technologies and in technology consulting.

I am deeply convinced that business is fundamentally a tremendous force for good in the world. I have witnessed this first-hand, particularly in Africa’s mobile phone revolution, in which I was privileged to play a small part at Econet Wireless, a pan-African mobile operator. I came to Duke seeking a top-notch business education, delivered by an excellent faculty, at a world-class university, with exceptional classmates. I have not been disappointed. Duke has exceeded all my expectations.

Fuqua Activities: I am a cabinet member of the Business in Africa Club and will be involved in organizing the club’s flagship event, the annual Business in Africa Conference. I am also involved in the Entrepreneurial and Venture Capital Club (EVCC).

Random Facts: I was named “Mjumo” meaning “he who comes unexpectedly” by my paternal grandfather who apparently regarded the arrival of his grandson (me) as an unexpected blessing. I love books: two excellent ones I read recently are “Satchel: The Life and Times of an American Legend” and “Robert Oppenheimer: A Life Inside the Center.” I find Arthur C. Clarke’s epitaph inspiring: “He never grew up, but he never stopped growing.” Some of my favorite movies are about teaching and/or teachers including Dead Poets Society, Finding Forrester, and The King’s Speech. I know a two-word joke: “Pretentious? Moi?”

mba student bloggerRaj Rajendran

I was born and raised in Chennai, India. Growing up, I was enamored with quality and this unusual love led me to major in Production Engineering in undergrad. I then pursued a career as a Lean Six Sigma consultant, helping diverse clients in financial, retail, market research, and telecom sectors in the US and Asia. Prior to coming to Fuqua, I worked as a Manager at Rockwell Automation, a global Industrial Automation firm, in Cleveland.

I chose Fuqua for its unique take on leadership development, specifically it’s focus on creating consequential leaders. The emphasis on enabling students to define and achieve their leadership goals is what sets Fuqua apart. I began my leadership journey on a boisterous note by leading a bunch of my crazy classmates during Campout to win season passes to Duke basketball games!

Fuqua Activities: I’m a cabinet member of my Section, and a member of the Consulting Club, General Management Club, and Badminton Club.

Aside from school activities, I love hiking, travelling, writing about my hikes & travels, pencil sketching and playing badminton. I can speak 5 languages with varying fluency and I’m learning Spanish, thanks to my Latino friends in my MBA section.

Class of 2014

Nisha Asher

My family immigrated to the States in the early 1980s from Bombay, India, well before the rush of Indians who would immigrate in the following years. I was born and brought up in Dearborn, Michigan, where I went to a parochial grade school and high school. At home, I was raised with a strict and traditional sense of Indian norms. At school, I was educated through the eyes of “All-American” Catholic norms. Often, this led me to deal with two separate lives and conflicting cultural norms.

I entered my undergraduate program in Michigan planning to major in medical sciences. Four years later, I ended up with a finance degree and an increased passion for travelling the world in hopes of fixing the business side of an ailing healthcare industry. My first corporate experience out of undergrad was in a customer and product management role for a generic pharmaceutical company.

During my time at Fuqua, I have grown immensely and have successfully checked off many things from my bucket list. The next nine months will prove to be an intense adventure with the final destination still unknown but exciting as I continue in Fuqua’s Health Sector Management (HSM) program and concentration in Strategy and Financial Analysis.

Summer Internships: Cardinal Health, Corporate Strategy & Corporate Development in Dublin, OH and Bristol Myers Squibb, R&D Strategy & Operations, Intercon Medical in Princeton, NJ

Second-Year Fuqua Activities: Health Care Club – Corporate Partnerships Chair; Teaching Assistant in multiple courses; Career Fellow

First-Year Fuqua Activities: Health Care Club — HCC Conference Marketing Cabinet; Indian Student Association — Diversity Cabinet; Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum — Pharmaceuticals; member of Association of Women in Business and Consulting Club; participated in multiple case competitions; Leadership Cohort

Crystal Brown

Who I am: “Trini to de bone” — I’m originally from the sun kissed isles of Trinidad and Tobago, but I migrated to New York City 14 years ago. I consider myself to be from both places. “Foodie” — I love, love, love to cook and experience new foods. I collect spices from every place that I visit. “Board Game Champion” — This is self-professed, but I haven’t lost a game of Scrabble in 8 years. I like to believe that I’ve played Monopoly more than anyone else alive. I’m also a beast at Taboo. “Poetry junkie” — I love poetry and quotes. I have books filled with writings that I’ve collected over the years that I hope to one day pass down to my children. “Wife” — I am married to the most beautiful man in the world and we have the cutest little pup named Ziggy.

What I did: Last summer, I interned at Genentech in its Rheumatology Franchise, working on strategy and operations issues. Prior to business school I worked in pharmaceutical sales for both Pfizer and AstraZeneca. In addition, I volunteered with a non-profit organization that provides access to basic health services in rural African villages.

My plans: I am focusing on Health Sector Management. I hope to move into healthcare strategy after graduation. My ultimate goal is to get into corporate social responsibility — I truly believe that healthcare is a basic human right, and I want to work with corporations to make that a reality for every human being. (Lofty goal, I know!)

At Fuqua: I came here wanting to push myself waaaaaaay out of my comfort zone so everything I do will, or should, attest to such (keep me accountable people!). I also said this last year, and people held me to it! Be careful what you ask for.  On a serious note though, this has been the most amazing experience of my life … words cannot describe the love I have for the people that make this place what it is.

Meiqing Fan

I grew up in Shanghai, China, and studied economics at Fudan University. With a clear goal to experience life overseas, I decided to go for an MBA later in the U.S. to accelerate my career, instead of jumping into a master’s program immediately. After living in my hometown for 20 years, I moved to Beijing to start my career, which is quite rare for “Shanghainese.” I worked at Shell for 3 years, specializing in supply chain for lubricants.

My curiosity and my passion for new experiences drove me to B-school. As an early career applicant, who skipped two years in primary school, I’m one of the youngest students in the class. This definitely imposes some challenges in professional environments, but on the other hand, I widened my perspectives early, and have learnt a lot from my classmates with diverse backgrounds. The MBA is a maturation process for me, and has impacted my personality in a profound way.

This past summer I interned in an internal consulting team at Shell in warm Houston, Texas, where I had a lot of Tex-Mex food and barbecue.

Fuqua Activities: In my first year, I was a cabinet member of the Net Impact Club and Marketing Club, and a board associate with a local non-profit (Fuqua On Board). I travelled to many places in Week-in-Cities trips, and went to South Africa for the Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum. Now I am a teaching assistant for 5 core courses, and a cabinet member of the Asian Business Club. I also look forward to meeting many prospective students in interviews as an Admissions Fellow.

Despite the crazy MBA life, I enjoy oil painting, and attending concerts through Duke Performances (always $10 for students). I also like training for a half marathon on the beautiful WaDuke trail, and playing golf on the grand professional field that’s 2 minutes from Fuqua (Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club). In my second year, I plan to go on exchange to a B-school in Europe, travel to Latin America, join a road trip across the States, and participate in more outdoor activities.

Sarah Feagles

I was born and raised in Canton, Ohio, and yes, I am and have been a lifelong Cleveland Browns football fan. And Indians. And Cavs. It’s a tough life, but what can you do? At least I can now cheer for Duke basketball!

I headed south to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, for undergrad and majored in Spanish with a minor in corporate finance. What does one do with a Spanish degree you might ask? Join the Navy. I was commissioned as a Naval Officer upon graduation and two months later I was off to Guam to meet my ship, the USS HOWARD (DDG 83). Onboard HOWARD, I was the Anti-Submarine Warfare Officer, which meant that I was in charge of 16 sailors trying to find submarines in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, South China Sea, and Gulf of Oman. I also learned how to drive a billion-dollar warship, which was an incredibly cool experience when you’re sailing through the Strait of Malacca — the busiest waterway in the world.

The next logical step for a Spanish major and naval warship driver was to come to Fuqua to pursue my MBA. I’m doing a concentration in finance and want to work for a middle-market Capital Group upon graduation. I spent my summer after first-year in Houston at ExxonMobil, interning in their Controller’s Department.

Fuqua Activities: I’m the Co-Leadership Chair of the Association of Women in Business (AWIB), Co-President of Fuqua’s Leading Women, and a COLE Leadership Fellow. I’m also a member of the Finance Club and the Forté Foundation. In my spare time, I enjoy running marathons and winning game shows. I’m a Wheel of Fortune champion! The episode is on YouTube if you want to see me make a fool of myself, and see what I won.

Matt Hamilton

Born and raised in sunny southern California, I never thought I’d end up on the East Coast — let alone North Carolina. I studied economics at Brigham Young University in Utah and then lived abroad for a couple years in Spain, and somehow the golden state sucked me back time and time again.

Before coming to Fuqua, I worked for a large asset manager in Newport Beach, CA. After a few years in the industry, I knew that I wanted the experience, learning, and diversity of business school and somehow through a series of unique events (read more here and here) I ended up at Fuqua.

As a father of two small children, Fuqua is a fantastic fit for me and my family. We’ve enjoyed the school’s inclusive and well-organized partners and family events. The Durham area offers great neighborhoods, parks, and family recreation.

My summer internship was in New York City working for a major financial services firm in high yield bond research and trading. The experience definitely solidified my appreciation for what I’ve learned since coming to Fuqua. After just one short year, I really felt much more capable, qualified, and poised when the pressure was on and I felt very happy with my decision to come to Fuqua.

Fuqua Activities: I’m Co-President of the Asset Management Club, and involved with the Latter-Day Saint Student Association and the Outdoors Club.

Ankit Khanna

I’m from New Delhi, India. Growing up, I had the opportunity to live in several towns and cities in India and later in Lagos, Nigeria. From an early age, I was fascinated by business and its mechanics and decided to study business administration at Symbiosis International University in Pune, India. After graduating, I worked for Evalueserve as a business research analyst and a process consultant. My work took me to 4 continents, including my home for 3 years, Chile.

After 5 years in the workforce, I knew I wanted to focus on my personal and professional growth and decided to go back to school.When I started looking at business schools, I knew my passion for research and the importance I attributed to relationships and diversity would fundamentally drive my decision process. Once I had these parameters down, Fuqua self-selected itself.

Fuqua Activities: During my first year at Fuqua, I was a cabinet member of the South Asian Business Club (called INDUS) and I helped to organize the India Business Conference, participated in the Leadership Cohort Experience, and remained active in several clubs. Now in my second year, I am looking forward to serving as an Admissions Fellow and being a part of the Coach K Center on Leadership & Ethics as a COLE Fellow.

Jen McFann

I’m from rural southern Maryland, so when I graduated from high school, the first thing I did was run off to New York City and enroll at NYU. I realized during my first week of class that chemistry was not for me, and I became a die-hard international relations major. According to my transcript, I also had three minors (Spanish, history, and politics).

I’m the only person I know who has three minors. Why didn’t I just double-major?

Immediately after I graduated, I joined the Peace Corps! After two years of grassroots development work in Georgia (the country … you’d be surprised how many people don’t know it exists), I came back to New York and worked as a recruitment and assessment specialist for Peace Corps for almost four years.

This past summer I interned in consulting with McKinsey & Company in sunny Dallas, where I only spent one evening at the world’s largest honky-tonk.

Fuqua Activities: I’m keeping up this whole “save the world” thing through my involvement with the Net Impact Club, and I’m also teaching consulting casing as a member of the Duke Management Consulting Club cabinet. I’m shooting for a concentration in social entrepreneurship, which means I’ll get to take full advantage of the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship here on campus.

Eric Nakano

I grew up in San Dimas, California, which is the home of fictional celebrities, Bill & Ted, of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures. My childhood was great — the city is close enough to Los Angeles for some worthwhile field trips. After graduating from high school, I pursued my love of politics and studied at George Washington University, in Washington, DC.

I did a stint on Capitol Hill, with a presidential campaign and the AFL-CIO, before returning to California to work as a major gifts fundraiser at UCLA in 2007. It wasn’t the best time to work as a fundraiser; in 2008 the economy tanked but I loved my coworkers and being at a university. In 2008, I volunteered on the “No on 8″ campaign to protect marriage equality for gay people in California. It didn’t work out the way I had hoped, but it did ignite my passion to lead and create change, which ultimately led me to get my dual degree at Duke in public policy and business.

After two years here, I can say that Duke has been a great fit. Team Fuqua is embedded into the school’s culture and the professors have created an incredible learning environment. Most importantly, the talk about transformational and global leadership is about as real as you can get. Over the past year, I served on the cabinet of 2 clubs, visited the headquarters of some of the world’s most famous companies, crisscrossed China with my classmates, and worked in strategy consulting for Accenture in East Africa. This year, I want to develop personally and plan to go white water rafting, climb a mountain with BOLD, study in South America and hike Machu Picchu. How many other business school students can say they did that?

Fuqua Activities: I’m involved with Fuqua Pride and the High Tech Club. I seek to develop and transform myself professionally and personally and to take risks. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, Taiko drumming, traveling, cooking and doing laundry since I didn’t have a lot of time to do that my first year.

mba student blogger

Joaquin Brahm

I was born in Santiago, Chile. After graduating with an industrial engineer degree, I worked for 4 years as an Investment Banker for LarrainVial, the largest financial institution in Chile. My job focused in Capital Markets and M&A for small and mid-size companies within Latin America. Then, I decided to come to business school to prepare myself for future challenges as a senior manager.

Fuqua was the perfect fit: a global and team-oriented program, collaborative environment, flexible curriculum and family friendly. During my first-year at Fuqua, I realized that I also wanted to use my business experience to help the development of emerging markets. Gratefully, I was accepted to pursue a joint degree MBA/MPP.

Beyond academic and professional activities, I like to spend my free time running, golfing, fly fishing, and preparing Chilean barbecues. North Carolina is the perfect place for outdoor activities!

Summer Internship: AMIP Leadership Program at The Tony Elumelu Foundation supporting local entrepreneurs in Maputo, Mozambique (read more about it). The CASE Summer Internship Fund enabled me to learn about the rewards and challenges of social sector management without making a significant financial sacrifice.

Fuqua Activities: Cabinet member of the Latin American Student Association (LASA!), Admission Fellow, and I helped Professor John Graham as Research Assistant for the CFO Survey, and represented Chile in the first version of Fuqua Discovers. I’m also an active member of the Net Impact, Finance, and Golf Clubs.

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