Hosting International Visitors

Fuqua recently hosted a group of prospective students from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA). The group of roughly 25 students visited a number of schools in the Research Triangle Park area, including Duke.

A number of Fuqua students, in both the Daytime MBA and MMS programs, who have either lived in Africa or have African heritage, participated in a panel event for the visitors. Topics addressed included our respective experiences in Africa and how those experiences have influenced our time at Fuqua, the admissions process for international students, life in North Carolina, and professional life after Fuqua.

As someone of Ghanaian parentage, who has also lived in Ghana for a few years, this was especially exciting for me. I enjoyed meeting the visitors and hope they walked away with some helpful information.

Are you interested in visiting Fuqua? Come to an Open House!

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3 Responses to Hosting International Visitors

  1. Maya yura says:

    I have a friend from Indonesia who is now studying in Africa, but my friend has not had much contact me.He told me that many people in fuqua is very well..really as he said?
    And if you’ve never heard of bali? Yes bali.indonesia … a place so beautiful

  2. Markus Sieber says:

    Hey Juliana,

    I’m an applicant from Germany, and I have been reading a a lot of blog entries so far. Really interesting articles to get a better feeling on the program. What would you say is the workload of the MMS program, e.g. how many hours per week? Thanks!


    • Juliana Taylor says:

      Hi Markus,

      Thanks for your question. The MMS program is pretty intensive. It covers 15 courses in just 10 months. I’d say outside of the classroom, I spend roughly 12 hours per week preparing for my classes. Though challenging, it is definitely doable. Hope this helps!


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