a student talking to a professor at the front of a classroom; academic readiness How to Demonstrate Academic Readiness in Your Application February 6, 2020 - - Here at Fuqua, we practice holistic admissions, which means that no one component of the application is a 'make or break' factor in your likelihood of being admitted. That being said, the first questions most prospective MMS students ask are related to their academic readiness. ...Read More


John and his team presenting at the front of a classroom during the Accenture case challenge What I Learned During the Accenture Case Challenge January 17, 2020 - - Just a disclaimer: I didn’t win Accenture’s case competition. I lost. I learned. I lived to consult another day. Here’s what I took away from that lightning hour of casing and our ten-minute presentation
Cory, Ariel and Varsha pose for a photo for their application essay blog A Little Help on the 25 Random Things Application Essay December 20, 2019 - - Deciding how to approach the "25 Random Things" essay on the MQM application can be difficult. But with these tips from admissions and some examples from our own lists below, hopefully you'll get off to a smooth start
close to 20 students pose for a photo with Professor John Buley during a finance interest group session, one of the extracurriculars at Fuqua Beyond the Classroom: Extracurriculars at Fuqua and Duke November 22, 2019 - - Extracurricular activities have always been one of my favorite parts about school. At Fuqua, there are multitudinous opportunities to participate in and even create clubs of your own
All of the 100-plus students in the MMS class pose for a group photo on the front steps of Fuqua; team members What I Learned from My Team Members November 15, 2019 - - Maybe you have heard about one Chinese philosopher’s saying – ‘三人行,必有我师’ which means that when three people are on a journey, there must be one teacher. With this in mind, there is always something to learn from your team members
the three students presenting in front of a projection screen; marketing experience Brand Competition Delivers More than Just Marketing Experience November 7, 2019 - - For students interested in gaining marketing experience or learning about the fast-moving consumer goods industry, this competition is one of the best opportunities during the program to get front-line exposure to the business world