Cory holding a mini basketball autographed by Coach K; Why MMS: DKU Why MMS: DKU? July 24, 2020 - - Here are five thoughts I want to share as a new graduate, with the hopes it can shed some light on your own potential adventure into the program. ...Read More


A screenshot with several students and staff watching Dean Bill Boulding; completing my degree online A Transformed Program: Completing My Degree Online June 3, 2020 - - In hindsight, I can’t believe I felt shocked upon receiving the news I would be completing my degree online. Now that we’ve been quarantined for so long, logging into Zoom feels routine.
Ariel posing in front of the UVA quad; the transition from social sciences to business From Social Sciences to Business: Why My Pre-Fuqua Fears Were Unfounded May 15, 2020 - - I remember barely being able to sleep approximately two weeks before orientation in July. I couldn’t believe that I, a sworn 'anti-anything that has to do with numbers' student was about to embark on her newfound journey to business school.
several dozen students, many of whom are holding lanterns they made, pose for a photo, student leadership How to Become A Student Leader in MMS May 1, 2020 - - Being a student leader at Fuqua can mean many different things, and a big part of that process in MMS is giving students the space to decide what that means for themselves on an individual level.
Ten students and one staff member pose at the front of a classroom for a photo; career trends MMS Career Trends—A Front Row View March 9, 2020 - - I spend a lot of time thinking about other people’s jobs—specifically the job market for our MMS students. For the past three years, I’ve focused on MMS career services for our Career Management Center, and it’s my job to identify trends in the skills companies are looking to hire.
Beautiful flowers and plants on the terraces at Duke Garden, one of the best places to see when you visit campus Why You Should Visit Campus as a Prospective Student February 28, 2020 - - I felt confident in my decision to join Team Fuqua when I met the campus in person. I remember walking through the famous Duke Gardens with my parents, drinking in the sunlight and watching the ducks. I felt convinced in that moment I could make a home here.