An office building with green space in front and a blue sky behind; Consulting Career How Real-World Experience Confirmed My Interest in a Consulting Career April 6, 2021 - - I found myself more excited than ever about my future career path. I had been exposed to consulting, which appeared to be a perfect fit. The field appeared to line up neatly with my skills and personality, however, one glaring issue still existed: I had absolutely no experience in the industry. ...Read More


A student jumping in the air against a brightly painted brick wall; tips for international students Practical Tips for International Students When Arriving in the U.S. April 6, 2021 - - In one year, Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business has become my second family. Here is some advice for international students coming to Fuqua.
a Fuqua stationary pad and pen; career search Preparing for My Career Search March 18, 2021 - - The search for a post-Fuqua career started as soon as I began the MMS program. Coming from a health background with little to no experience in business or job searching I felt intimidated.
Fuqua Student Wearing a Mask in a Classroom Setting; MMS Graduates Jobs Where Our MMS Graduates Landed Jobs in 2020 March 3, 2021 - - It’s no secret that the Class of 2020 ended the academic year differently than expected because of the pandemic. Our Master of Management Studies: Foundations of Business (MMS: FOB) students found themselves job searching while navigating sometimes challenging personal circumstances in different geographies.
Chapol Drive with Duke Chapel in the distance; Building My Career Skillset with DISI Building My Career Skillset with DISI February 25, 2021 - - Fresh into the MMS program, I wanted an opportunity to hone my client-facing skills, while gaining hands-on consulting experience and I stumbled upon Duke Interdisciplinary Social Innovators.
3 students, masked and distanced, collaborating around a table and computers; students gain a real-world experience through FCCP Gaining Real-World Experience at Fuqua in the Consulting Practicum January 26, 2021 - - As I researched various schools, Fuqua’s opportunity clearly differentiated it from other management programs. The core benefit of this program is that it goes beyond solely academic coursework to develop practical, technical, and communication skills.