a large Duke "D" on the wall and exercise machines on the floor of a large room, one of the places to exercise at Duke My Favorite Ways to Exercise at Duke August 19, 2019 - - Duke has great facilities for students to exercise. Even though the MMS schedule is hectic at times, if you manage your time well---maybe working out at least one weekday and again on the weekends---you'll enjoy using the facilities and the health benefit they provide ...Read More


the hands and fingers of 5 students come together to form a star around the Fuqua sign; unique Fuquans One of the Many Unique Fuquans August 12, 2019 - - Having gone through the MMS program at Fuqua, I’ve learned so many incredible business skills. However, equally important is the people I have met. That is where my friend Dylan Patel from Richmond Virginia comes in
about 100 students pose for a group photo with Duke basketball coaches on the Cameron Indoor Stadium court during one of their student events 7 of Our Favorite Student Events July 10, 2019 - - We at Fuqua value hard work and discipline, but also live by the famous quote “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”
6 students on Janet's Duke Interdisciplinary Social Innovators team pose for a photo in a team study room Gaining Consulting Experience Through Duke Interdisciplinary Social Innovators June 3, 2019 - - At Fuqua, apart from taking classes, acing case assignments, having team meetings, and networking with a diverse group of people, there are lots of opportunities you can pursue to help you grow
the entire class of 2018 in their gowns at commencement posing for a group photo and throwing their caps into the air; MMS employment outcomes MMS Employment Outcomes for the Class of 2018 May 3, 2019 - - We’ve recently gathered and analyzed the latest career outcomes of the Master of Management Studies: Foundations of Business Class of 2018. I’m delighted to share the results, which show that employers continue to value the business skills and capabilities that graduates bring to their companies
Durham's skyline at dusk; best Duke and Durham experiences 10 of the Best Duke and Durham Experiences April 30, 2019 - - Urban Axes in downtown Durham is the perfect venue for competitive ax-throwing and might be the most unique activity on the list.