In 2023, I moved to the United States from India to pursue my master's degree at Fuqua. Growing up, I had the chance to live in various states across India due to my father's job, which instilled in me a love for travel and exploration. Studying abroad had always been a dream of mine, and Fuqua offered the perfect opportunity for global exposure.

Before coming to Fuqua, I gained professional experience at Deloitte for about a year and a half, where I primarily worked in accounting, finance, and forensic consulting. Additionally, I spent over six months at a boutique consulting firm, further refining my skills in these areas.

What I find most exciting about Fuqua is the abundance of opportunities to explore diverse interests. Whether it is delving into entrepreneurship, engaging in sports, nurturing artistic talents, or interacting with people from various cultural backgrounds, Fuqua encourages students to try new things and push their boundaries. After completing my Master of Management Studies (MMS) program, I am enthusiastic about pursuing a career in consulting.

Outside of academics and career aspirations, I have a passion for sports, particularly basketball. Being at Duke, renowned for its basketball program, is a dream come true for me. I also enjoy outdoor adventure activities like hiking and, of course, exploring different cuisines – food is a big part of my life and culture.