When I was trying to decide if I wanted to attend Fuqua, visiting the campus made a big difference. There are many ways to learn about the MMS program, from attending student panels and reading student blogs to reaching out to Admissions Ambassadors with questions. I wanted to see firsthand what my life as a Fuqua student could look like, so I decided to visit campus—I am so glad I did!

Here are five reasons to consider visiting campus as a prospective student.

1. Get a Feel for the Environment/See Yourself on Campus

It’s one thing to read or hear about different aspects of the program, but walking through the hallways, attending a class, eating lunch at the Fox Center, and seeing student interactions throughout the day is the only way to truly under what it means to be a student here.

The Fox Center at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business

When I visited campus, I had never been to Durham. So, I also had the opportunity to explore where I would be living for the 10-month duration of the program. This experience helped me write my essays for the application by giving me an entirely new perspective. I was no longer only speaking about what I had heard about the program, but reflecting on what I saw firsthand and how I could picture myself at Fuqua.

2. Connect with Faculty and the Admissions Team

Throughout a campus visit, there are plenty of opportunities to interact with the Admissions team and Admissions Ambassadors, who are current students in the MMS program. Connecting with members of the Admissions team can be a great opportunity to gain insight into what makes a successful candidate directly from those who have seen numerous classes of admitted students come through the program.

As part of my campus visit experience, I sat in on Dr. Salman Azhar’s Fraud Analytics course and experienced the interactive and team-based nature of a Fuqua class in person. Dr. Azhar even asked me to introduce myself and speak about the career I’d like to explore after completing the program. Though this class was part of the MQM program, it still gave me a chance to see how an MMS class might flow as well.

The Hall of Flags at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business

3. Explore Facilities and Resources

I only have a few months left in the MMS program, so believe me when I say time goes by quickly in the 10-month program. Visiting campus introduced me to some of the resources on campus. A couple of important stops are the Career Management Center (CMC) and the Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Duke I&E) Bullpen.

Meeting with the staff members with whom I would interact later, like CMC coaches, helped me learn how to leverage the resources offered at Fuqua. It’s also a chance to get your more specialized questions answered.

4. Connect with Current Students

As a current student, I now understand how we can be a great resource for learning more about the program experience, application tips, and life as a student overall. Not long ago, we successfully faced the obstacles and rollercoaster of feelings during the application process. Admissions Ambassadors are available to answer questions about anything from how they approached the 25 random things essay and studying for the GMAT or GRE to housing options in Durham and the job search process.

During a campus visit, students are also available to eat lunch with prospective students or them speak about their experiences during a student panel. Hearing current students’ reasoning for joining the program and their experience so far in terms of coursework, working primarily in teams, job searching, etc. helped me clarify my goals and expectations for the program, better ensuring that the MMS program aligns with what I wanted.

5. On-Campus Interview Opportunity

When I visited campus, I hadn’t applied to the MMS program yet. So while I didn’t get the chance to interview on campus, my visit still helped enhance my interview. I took the new perspective I gained on campus into my interviews, and it helped me articulate exactly why I wanted to attend the MMS program and what I would look forward to as a student.