As an accounting and finance major with a background in financial services, I had a clear vision of what I wanted from my business school experience. I aimed to gain a holistic view of business, collaborate with diverse minds, and transition from accounting to a broader management perspective with the MMS program at Fuqua. Safe to say, the Fuqua experience encapsulated the skills to pursue my goals in ways that went beyond the classroom.

Joining the Duke and Fuqua Family

Fuqua embodies diversity and inclusivity. I had team members from different backgrounds, who were always happy to team up for late-night brainstorming sessions. Everyone expressed their ideas and respected others’ opinions.

Aditi Achrekar, a Duke Fuqua MMS alumna, with a blow-up Duke Blue Devil about 20 feet tall
Me in front of the Blue Devil, Duke’s mascot

When I was traveling during the winter break, a lady sitting beside me saw that I was wearing the Duke gear and smiled. She asked me about my experience as an international student. I could not stop talking about how secure and welcomed I felt, even though it was my first time being away from family and friends.

In these past 10 months, I have experienced many firsts. From moving away from home for the first time to watching my first-ever American football game, witnessing the Duke basketball frenzy, and trying my hand at white water rafting, it has been a rollercoaster ride!

A group whitewater rafting, Aditi Achrekar, a MMS alumna, is on board
Whitewater rafting with my classmates at U.S. National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, North Carolina

Hands-On Learning

My time at Fuqua has also been an incredibly rewarding journey filled with invaluable learning experiences. I tackled diverse and challenging projects, delved deep into business, finance, and strategic decision-making, and honed my analytical, problem-solving, and leadership skills. The professors were not just experts in their fields, but also incredibly supportive and always ready to help.

Fuqua and the Duke community offer countless opportunities to learn and grow. One of the highlights was working on a Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum (FCCP) project with a leading tech company, which felt like a real-world consulting gig.

Engaging in Club Activities

As part of Duke Interdisciplinary Social Innovators (DISI), I worked as a project innovator to provide pro bono consulting in areas relating to finance, capacity building, strategy and impact evaluation for a wildlife center. Collaborating with graduate students from different tracks and solving complex operational challenges was an enriching experience.

Being the Performance Arts Cabinet Chair at Arts@Fuqua, a club dedicated to creating connections through artistic expression, I organized an event to watch the Harry Potter live orchestra at Durham Performing Arts Center. The event was something new and fun!

Aditi Achrekar and three of her friends in the MMS: FOB program at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business
Me with my friends at a Fuqua event

I am grateful for all of the opportunities I had at Fuqua. This place felt nothing short of a home away from home. I met some of the brightest minds and made some amazing friends. Be it growing out of my comfort zone and building confidence or forming new connections and making evergreen memories. I got the chance to immerse myself in it all.

When I was shortlisting, Fuqua was the only U.S. school I applied to. It was as if I was destined to be here and I would not have it any other way!