It’s been a while since I checked in, but with finals, GATE (Global Academic Travel Experience), moving to Davidson, and starting work, things have been busy. Now, I’m a few weeks into my internship at Lowe’s, and I’ll provide another post with some of those details, but in the meantime … here are some things that I’m looking forward to, and a few things that I wish I’d known:

5 things to do during my second year:

  1. Walk/run the Washington Duke trail.
  2. Take trips to Asheville, the Outer Banks, Charleston, and Savannah. I probably won’t make it to all 4 places, but 2 will suffice.
  3. Study abroad. Right now, I’m thinking about South Africa, Australia, or Singapore.
  4. Spend more time at the Duke Gardens.
  5. Have afternoon tea at the Washington Duke Inn.

5 things I’m excited about for next year:

  1. I am going to Las Vegas for a wedding in September.
  2. More Duke basketball games!
  3. Traveling to more countries.
  4. Trying more Durham restaurants including Vin Rogue, Scratch, and Rue Cler.
  5. Catching up with my classmates after 3 months of working!

5 things I wish I’d known before last year:

  1. Fall I, Fall II, and Spring I terms are EXTREMELY busy.
  2. Enjoy GIE (summer) and Spring II when they come along!
  3. When picking out apartments at Station Nine, look at the floor plan and really try to understand the pros and cons of each apartment.
  4. During the school year, schedule time on the calendar to go to the gym—it’s the only way it’ll happen regularly.
  5. You will continuously meet new people throughout the year, whether it be through classes, teams, clubs, or social activities.