5 Reasons Fuqua is the Place to be for High Tech

When you think of Fuqua and the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area, the idea of a high tech hub may not be top of mind. However, after spending over a year in the area, I can assure you that it has everything you could imagine if you are interested in transitioning your career into high tech. In fact, the resources, faculty, and support you receive at Fuqua can make it happen. Still skeptical? Consider these 5 reasons why Fuqua and high tech are a perfect match!

#5 – The Research Triangle is Legit

A number of polls and publications have ranked the Triangle area (including Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill) as a top place to live and work. Raleigh was even voted America’s Best City by Bloomberg BusinessWeek, this may not convince you, but the Research Triangle Park (RTP) area sure did convince the leading magazine! Imagine 3 major, well-renowned universities, great weather, a low cost of living, and the highest concentration of PhDs in the county. It is a talent explosion, and it is happening here. Entrepreneurship and innovation in the technology space is being spurred by a number of venture capitalists, start-ups, and start-up accelerators that are setting up shop in the area to tap top talent. This may not be Silicon Valley, but it sure isn’t the high tech dessert. The resources are here for your disposal!

Picture of Eric Schmidt, former CEO and current Executive Chairman of Google
Eric Schmidt, former CEO and current Executive Chairman of Google.

#4 – Tech Executives Love this Area

Offices of IBM, NetApp, SAS, and data centers for Google, Facebook, and Apple are all within a reasonable distance from Fuqua. What does that mean? Tech executives get the value of the area and the talent that resides in it. Still don’t believe me? Well, I recently had the awesome honor to listen to Eric Schmidt, former CEO and current Executive Chairman of Google, speak at the Triangle Start-Up Factory. He spoke to an audience of less than 100 people about the value of the area, the amazing things he has seen happen in the area, and how he thinks this area is a model for the nation. Oh yea, Fuqua Professor Ronnie Chatterji, introduced Schmidt and I also sat about 2 feet from him in the intimate setting.

#3 – Tech Entrepreneurship at Fuqua and Duke

Program for Entrepreneurs (P4E)? Start Up Challenges? Venture capital and faculty support for great ideas and business plans? These can all be found at Fuqua and the larger Duke community. With access to amazing legal, medical, business, and engineering talent, Duke has the means to put together an amazing team of entrepreneurs to start an awesome venture. If you are interested in recruiting the very best for your venture, Duke and Fuqua will provide it!

#2 – Fuqua’s High Tech Club Rocks

Fuqua’s High Tech Club is probably one of the fastest growing clubs here. In fact, there was a 176% increase in membership alone over the past year! Tech is becoming a big deal and the High Tech Club puts on the right events to get you up to speed on the industry. Here is a just a sample of some the activities the club puts on each year:

#1 – Tech Companies Recruit at Fuqua

Just name a tech company, and I am sure there is a Fuqua or Duke alumnus at the organization. While only about 12% of students pursue a high tech career, the companies they go to are impressive. In fact, take a look at the world’s most valuable company (Apple), there’s a Fuqua MBA at the top. In addition, all the big tech companies recruit at Fuqua. Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, eBay, Facebook, AutoDesk, and a number of venture capital firms routinely take interns or full-time hires from Fuqua. Check out a list of recent hiring companies. The opportunities are awaiting you at Fuqua … it is up to you to take the initiative!

Dipesh Shah

Daytime MBA, Class of 2013

I graduated from Emory University with a bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) with concentrations in marketing and finance. After graduating, I worked at Deloitte Consulting in the Human Capital practice. While at Fuqua, I was a member of the General Management Club, FuquaVision, and Marketing Club. I also served as a COLE Fellow and Admissions Fellow.

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  • Saurabh

    Thanks Dipesh for sharing a lesser known secret about Fuqua. Not many people usually associate Fuqua with High-Tech. Hope your post helps in changing that image…
    I, for one, will certainly be looking forward to know more about this field in detail.

  • Kunal

    Thanks Dipesh for an informative article. Saurabh rightly mentioned about how not many people associate Fuqua with High-Tech. I think you and Sarah Varki ( She has been a great proponent of High-Tech and Fuqua on other sites) are doing a brilliant job.
    Will it be possible for you to mention some of the job functions(sales,operation,product management,etc) offered by the mentioned companies – Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, eBay, Facebook ?


    • Dipesh Shah

      Facebook is recruiting for Sales Operations and there is a Energy role this year.

      Google recruits for Product Management, Marketing, Finance, etc.

      Ebay recruits for Marketing, Product Management, Finance, etc.

      Amazon and Apple primarily recruit for Operations but Amazon has a rotational retail management program which is popular.

      In general, you can get into Tech if you are interested!

  • Deepak Mehrotra

    Hi Dipesh,

    Thanks for the insights. I am a prospective candidate (10+ years work exp. in Technology Industry) and would like to connect with you.

    Can you kindly share your contact information? It would help me refine my career ambitions.

    Thanks and Best Regards//
    Deepak M

  • Jason Nguyen

    Hi Dipesh,

    I enjoyed reading your post on 5 Reasons Fuqua is the Place to be for High Tech. I read a couple of your other posts as well, and I would be interested in learning more about your experience at Facebook and at Fuqua. It seems like your interest in High Tech as well as your current industry in Management Consulting align with some of my career aspirations. Do you mind answering a couple questions for me? Any insight you could provide me with would be great!

    • Blog Admin

      Hi Jason, thank you for your comment. Since this blog was published, Dipesh has graduated from Fuqua, and he may not be available to respond to your questions. You may want to check out the Duke MBA High Tech Club at http://fuqua.campusgroups.com/htc/aboutus/ … you can contact the club members through their online contact form. You may also email your questions to admissions-info@fuqua.duke.edu … Thank you!

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