I have spent the last three years chatting often with potential business school students from India as director of the region for Fuqua. Again and again, I heard candidates say much of the value proposition of an MBA from a U.S. school is the opportunity to acquire  experience interning for marquee firms in the US and eventually land a job. However, the competition for MBA jobs is stiff, especially for career-changers. I spoke with four second-year Indian students about their summer internships, their post-MBA plans, and how the resources at Fuqua helped enable their job search success in the following videos.

Roshni Rathi spent the summer at Boston Consulting Group. Watch the video to hear Roshni speak about how the second year student mentors worked with her to help her secure the BCG internship that turned into a full time job offer.

Kuber Sharma worked in non-profit consulting before coming to Fuqua. Watch the video to hear Kuber speak about his transition to Microsoft, and the strength of technology firm recruitment at Fuqua.

Deepak Dewani worked in commercial real estate before coming to Fuqua. Watch the video to hear Deepak speak about how the Career Management Center, the Week-In-Cities program, and the career clubs helped Deepak transition into an investment banking role at Bank of America/Merrill Lynch.

Ankit Mehta worked in aerospace before coming to Fuqua. Watch the video about how the Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum helped Ankit transition to a job in consulting.