I firmly believe that women can balance successful careers with being great mothers. As a mother of two boys, I have embarked on a remarkable journey with my husband, Pablo. We have always lived by the motto: “Keep the adventure going.”

This philosophy has led us to do things we never imagined, such as swimming with hammerhead sharks and freeride snowboarding in Japan. We are best friends and firmly believe in pushing each other to become better parents, friends, professionals, and more. Our life is all about experiences, and we deeply push each other’s dreams. I am fortunate to say that Pablo has always supported me in pursuing my life goals and crazy dreams.

Pablo holds Monserrat Etcheverry in front of a blue and white Fuqua-branded backdrop with white and blue balloons on the border.

When I met Pablo, he already had the idea of pursuing an MBA. I had been working for a year post-undergrad, determined to advance in my career, and I asked him to wait for me. Fast-forward three years, a pandemic, and two beautiful children later, when our second son was just three months old, we sat down to discuss our future. We realized that this was the perfect moment to embark on an MBA journey—our new family adventure.

Why an MBA?

There were compelling reasons why we chose this moment for pursuing an MBA. Personally, I’ve always aspired to lead a company and prove that a successful career and motherhood can coexist. The MBA, for me, is the perfect tool to become a better leader, to learn from the experiences of people from different industries and cultures, and to understand how the world is changing and transforming. It’s the best way for me to prepare for all future challenges.

We recognized the challenges of managing applications, essays, and exams with a newborn and a three-year-old while working. Yet, our determination, efficient time management, and unwavering support from family and friends made giving up unthinkable.

Monserrat Etcheverry seemingly dancing in the hallfway of Duke University's Fuqua School of Business alongside her two toddlers. The children are wearing flower crowns and matching outfits.

Why Fuqua?

When we began our research into universities, we attended a Duke University event in Santiago, Chile. We were drawn to the vibrant energy of the gathering and found ourselves attending more and more Fuqua events. The term “Team Fuqua” reverberated at every event, etching itself into our consciousness. Why did we choose this university? The answer resonates clearly: the indomitable spirit of Team Fuqua.

Each event was not just an introduction to the programs but a gateway to a community of remarkable individuals, a testimony to the leadership and camaraderie fostered at the institution. The alumni carried the same spirit, reinforcing our decision each time we met them. One glance at each other after an event was enough to affirm, this has to be our school.

Monserrat Etcheverry and her husband Pablo with three friends at Duke's Wallace Wade Stadium. The group are wearing soaked rain gear at the now emptied out stadium, seemingly at a Duke University football game.

As we stand on the threshold of this new chapter, our hearts are filled with gratitude and anticipation. Opting to take this MBA journey as a family underscores our mutual belief in the vitality of dreams and the strength derived from unity. We are not just choosing a prestigious institution, but aligning ourselves with a community that epitomizes inspiration and togetherness.

Together, we venture into this exciting new phase with visions of growth, both as professionals, and as a closely-knit family unit. The path ahead is an unwritten page, and we embrace it with hopeful hearts, ready to carve out a narrative of success, adventures, and new experiences.