Class of 2016

  • Connie Chai

    Connie Chai

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2016

    I'm excited to return to Durham after completing my undergraduate studies at Duke. I look forward to combining classroom learning and experiential learning as I explore different career options in the healthcare industry. In the meantime I'll be involved with Admissions activities and cheering on the basketball team in Cameron!

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    Dan Tudesco

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2016

    Born and raised in Poughkeepsie, New York, I’ve lived in the Midwest (Indiana), DC and New York City, which easily makes Durham my warmest and favorite climate I’ve lived in. While here, I intend on developing my PR background into a marketing skillset, and also learning quite a bit about entrepreneurship. My passions are extremely varied; I love talking about everything from Duke basketball to the latest tech products to why Snooze on the West Coast is the best breakfast place in the world!

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  • Ehssan

    Ehssan Torabi

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2016

    The Middle East is where I was born and raised and where I started my career across multiple functions in the industrial supplies market. When I'm not balancing my school commitments I enjoying exploring the natural beauty around Durham with my spouse and daughter.

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  • Emily Madden

    Emily Madden

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2016

    I'm born and raised on the East Coast and have a background in marketing that will remain my focus after graduation. Being involved with the visual arts, eating at my favorite restaurants and going for runs on the campus trail near Fuqua are a few of the things I enjoy outside of the classroom.

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  • Emily S.

    Emily Silman

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2016

    I grew up and attended undergrad in the northeastern U.S. and worked in New York for a few years before realizing I wanted a career that would make more of an impact. So I joined the Peace Corps—working in Madagascar—and plan to leverage Fuqua to pursue a career in corporate sustainability.

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  • Joia

    Joia Lanier

    Daytime MBA, Class of Class of 2016

    North Carolina has been my proud home since I was born, and is where I plan to gain a more comprehensive perspective of business through my business school studies at Duke. I’m currently on the BLMBAO (Black and Latino MBA Organization) cabinet and an active member of the Consulting Club.

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  • Maria del Pilar Perez

    Maria del Pilar Perez

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2016

    Lima, Peru, is my home and where I studied communications in pursuit of a journalism career before turning my focus to marketing. Through my MBA I plan to build my marketing and general management skills to understand every side of a business. I like to swim and watch TV, but plan to keep busy at Fuqua so I might have to catch up on my favorite shows later.

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  • Matt

    Matt Hendren

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2016

    I'm born and raised in the great state of North Carolina and graduated from UNC. Since then I've worked in education, politics and for non-profits in the U.S. and Africa.

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  • Vik

    Vik Singh

    Daytime MBA, Class of 2016

    I'm born and raised in Delhi, have an engineering background with a passion for solving problems. Relationships are vital assets to a fruitful life, and I look forward to building new ones at Fuqua and sharing that insight with blog readers.

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