Juliana and friends at homecoming game
At the game with my girls!

The weekend of September 23rd marked homecoming at Duke University. The Blue Devil spirit was all around, and the team did an amazing job, beating Tulane 48 to 27. Go Blue Devils!!

For me the game was of particular significance because it was both my first Duke sporting event and the first live sporting event I’ve ever attended (I know I’ve been living under a rock).

One of the highlights of being at Duke is the opportunity to attend the school’s legendary games. Sports are a culture here at Duke – one that is held in the highest esteem. Considering that it’s the weekend before midterms however, the MMS crowd was on the small side, but the MMS team spirit was definitely there. Hopefully this is the first or many more exciting games to come!!

Blue Devil and Cheerleaders
The Blue Devil and Duke cheerleaders warm up the crowd.
Crowd in the stands
Gray clouds didn't even keep fans away.