An Emphasis on Learning

We just returned from our week-long fall break, which was wonderfully relaxing after 12 weeks of class. As can be expected in any graduate program, exam time is a tough period. There’s a lot of studying and a lot of coffee breaks. Lots of people study in groups in the team rooms, where there are computers and marker boards to use for ideas or formulas or whatever you can dream up to write down.

Exams at Fuqua are unlike most other exams that I took in undergrad. The exams are designed not only to test your knowledge of materials that have been covered in class, but your ability to apply concepts to business problems that may be new to you. I feel that this exam structure has been built into Fuqua’s education process and facilitates learning. The exams themselves are constructed to test your mind and stretch your understanding of the material, and are not just a way to see how well you can memorize facts.

My point, here, is to recognize the weight that Fuqua, and specifically the MMS program, puts on learning. From orientation and throughout the program thus far, professors have pushed us to learn as much as possible from our classes and experiences at Fuqua. Grades are certainly an important aspect of the academic process, but the reality is that students are ultimately here to learn. This requires some responsibility on the part of the student, however. Simply being present in the classroom is not enough.

Luckily, professors and teaching assistants hold regular review sessions for students in order to cover some class material in more detail. This is a great opportunity to ask more questions and to gain a better understanding of relevant course information, as well as how it is applied.

It seems to me that the best way to use your time at Fuqua is to take advantage of all of the opportunities to learn, including events, clubs, and even exams. As an MMS student, you share responsibility in your own education. Try not to be intimidated by exams, soak up as much as you can, and simply make the most of your time at Fuqua.