If the Marketing Club is my professional club, the Fashion & Luxury Goods Club is my fun club (although it’s registered as a professional club, I consider the activities as more relaxing).

The Fashion & Luxury Goods Club consists of a group of people who are specifically interested in the fashion/luxury goods industry (of course). Since the majority of MMS students seem more interested in three main industries – consulting, finance, and marketing – this is a great club in which to discuss career opportunities in the fashion and retail industry and to have fun events related to our interests.

As the secretary of the club, I’m in charge of the club newsletter and emails, and I help our president with club activities. Our events for November are:

Movie Night: We’re going to watch The September Issue this weekend.

Guest Speaker: Sterling Ingui from the Career Center will speak about working for Tiffany & Co.

Viewing Party: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Our biggest club event, and the one I’m looking forward to doing the most, is the fashion show we plan to do next spring. We start planning it in December so I’ll write about that soon! Meanwhile, for those of you interested in the fashion & luxury brands industry, check out our blog!