As a student, it’s easy to fall into what I like to call the “bubble mentality.” We live within the “bubble” of our academic lives, which revolve around academic work, while our social lives revolve around campus (and Facebook). It’s easy to become isolated from reality, and as a result, we assume that what we learn in the classroom is only for the classroom and what we learn in the real world only applies to the real world.

Business school is slightly different however, and Fuqua in particular does a great job of linking what we learn with reality. As MMS students, we’re taught by faculty who have years of industry experience, and they effectively and actively link what we learn to reality.

With this mindset, the MMS Black Student Association and the Finance Club jointly hosted a lunch discussion a couple weeks ago on “New Government Regulations in the Finance Industry: Opportunities and Threats.” The discussion provided an informal forum in which students could share their thoughts, differing opinions, and policy recommendations.

In true Fuqua spirit, Professor David Robinson joined the discussion, sharing his thoughts and opinions and challenging us to think broadly – this type of accessibility to faculty is one of Fuqua’s strengths. Thanks Professor Robinson!

We hope this event is just the beginning of many more.