Having 15 courses during 10 short months makes the MMS program intense, and the breaks in between particularly precious. There are competing priorities during these breaks including job searches, internships, visiting family, and catching up on assignments.

What’s the best way for an MMSer to spend their break? I think the answer has a lot to do with self discovery. One of the foundational values at Fuqua is the importance of active participation in your Fuqua experience. Courses and assignments are predetermined, but the value you derive from them is defined by you. In this same light, it’s important to decide the role MMS will play in building your career and your future, and figure out ways in which you can bring this to fruition.

For me, this means resting and enjoying some time back home in Ghana to re-energize myself. It also means working on my personal blog. My long-term career goal is to work in emerging markets like Ghana, with small- and medium-sized businesses, to develop appropriate strategies to help those businesses grow. With this goal in mind, I’ve leveraged the knowledge I’ve gained from Fuqua to create an informal business blog that addresses issues facing entrepreneurs. Other MMSers are using their break to do “Winterships” (winter break internships) to gain work experience, continue their job search, or prepare for further graduate studies after Fuqua.

So what’s the right way to spend your breaks as an MMSer? I think the best breaks are those spent developing yourself in a way that best suits you, your goals, and your needs.