Business Communications Course Focuses on the Right Job Skills

I recently spoke with my future manager at Wells Fargo, and I set up the conversation so I could gain insight on what I need to do to prepare myself fully for the job that starts in July.

My manager pretty much said I need two skills: 1) work through problems efficiently and effectively and 2) put together a solid PowerPoint deck.

Business Communications II, taught by MMS Associate Dean Kathie Amato, perfectly tackles those two areas. Business Communications I was offered during our first term in the summer, and we just finished Business Communications II during the last term in the fall. The courses focus on career development, including ways to effectively network and search for a job. The courses are also designed around PowerPoint and the ability to synthesize complex ideas through a slide deck. Learn more about these two helpful classes.

I thought I understood PowerPoint before I entered MMS, but I was deeply mistaken. Previously, I’d put together slides with a bunch of text and called it a deck. Now, I wisely know how to incorporate backgrounds, master slides, animations, charts and graphs to make presentations more visually pleasing and easier to follow.

I’ve become so adept that I sent a Christmas card to a friend via PowerPoint!