baked goods
A few of the MANY goodies we made for classmates.

It is safe to say that February 14 is most everyone’s least favorite made-up holiday. If you’re in a relationship, it’s that frustrating day where you have to get someone a gift for no real reason, or that sad day that you expect something special from your loved one and get nothing. For those who are single, it’s mostly annoying because it truly is made up.

It is precisely for these reasons that the MMS Connoisseurs Club decided to make Valentine’s Day into a day that everyone can enjoy, because everyone loves baked goods. Members of the club joined forces to create some of the tastiest treats known to man: red velvet cupcakes, frosting coated sugar cookies, chocolate-dipped pink rice krispy treats, brownie cupcakes stuffed with Oreos and peanut butter, and chocolate chip cookies (to name a few).

The day before, secret Valentine’s elves who only come out on February 13, put together candy-grams and delivered them to MMS students warning them of the sugar-bomb that was to be dropped on them the following day. The turnout was fantastic, the sweets were short-lived, and I can confidently say that between the hours of 11:15 and 1 pm on February 14, no one hated Valentine’s Day.