Most people don’t think of “skiing” when they think of North Carolina, but there are some great ski resorts only hours away. The MMS Outdoor Activities Club recently spent a weekend at the Wintergreen Ski Resort in Waynesboro, Virginia, which is about 3 hours from Durham.

25 MMSers participated in the 3-day retreat. Several group trips like this are organized throughout the year by club leaders and other MMS students, providing fun opportunities for traveling and socializing. Unfortunately, I didn’t attend the ski trip, but I had the opportunity to speak with my classmate and President of the Outdoor Activities Club Anna Garrison, who organized the event.

Anna Garrison

A few words from Anna

“We organized this as a fun trip to relieve the stresses of school for a weekend.

We skied and snowboarded quite a bit during the trip – it was a great weekend. For me, the best part of the trip was spending time with my fellow MMSers outside of class. It was really great to have the chance to get to know everyone a little bit better.

As always, the spirit of Fuqua was evident in the persistence of first-timers and the willingness of those who were more experienced to help out. All of the first-timers were such good sports; they pushed through learning to ski and snowboard all day, including lessons in the morning. They refused to let the falls, bumps, and bruises deter them from having a good time. Everyone was extremely helpful and supportive on the slopes. Students helped each other along the slopes all day – from returning loose ski poles and skis, to giving encouragement, and even giving ski lessons to classmates.

It was great to see the heart of the MMS program come out through its students – a heart that cares not only for itself but for strangers as well.”