Turner Broadcasting was on campus the other week – and I know it has been said before, but it bears repeating – Fuqua attracts the most amazing speakers!

Three “Turner Talks” were scheduled throughout the day. The first was a seminar on corporate transitions to cloud computing called, “Real Life Struggles of a Company Moving to the CLOUD.” Later in the afternoon was “Web Analytics and Marketing to Consumers.” In the middle was the March Madness seminar, exploring the strategies that brought together sports and technology, making the craze that is March Madness available to sports fans everywhere through an online interactive interface and via tablet mobile technology.

Turner Broadcasting sent high-ranking executives to speak with us at Fuqua. They were engaging, personable and truly successful professionals in their field. It was such a treat to hear about decisions that had to be made, technology that had to be developed, and sports fans’ needs that had to be addressed to create the company’s online live-stream.

What better place than Duke to learn about the intersection of sports and technology? This is a school that’s known as a basketball power-house and as one of the most innovative, forward-thinking universities in the world!