It’s hard to believe, but in about 30 days I’ll be a graduate of The Fuqua School of Business! The last 10 months have gone by quickly, and I must say it’s been an amazing ride. I’ve had the opportunity to form friendships with an amazing group of people, friendships I hope to maintain long after our final walk through Fuqua’s doors.

What I’ll miss about Fuqua, will definitely be the people. From the staff in the Fox Center to MBAs to my fellow MMSers, friendliness and a team spirit are the norm. I’ve found that those around me have a genuine interest in my thoughts and opinions and this has fostered a strong sense of learning both inside and outside of the classroom. I’ll also miss the passion that Fuqua and all of Duke has for sports. I have to admit that I’ve never been much of a sports enthusiast, but I definitely caught a bit of “Cameron Craziness” while I was here.

The city of Durham also has its charms. As someone with an appreciation for good food and warm weather, North Carolina has definitely been very kind to me. Some of the places that I’ll miss the most are Brightleaf Square, the American Tobacco Campus and staples like Cook-Out and Bojangles’.

I’ll miss you Duke and Durham! I hope we see each other again soon after graduation.