I started the MMS program in July of last year, and now, graduation is around the corner. In the 10-month program, I’ve covered quantitative analysis, accounting, business communication, marketing, strategy, finance, decision analysis and operations. It’s been a steep learning curve, but a worthwhile experience overall.

Each of the five terms in the program is only six weeks long and therefore requires constant dedication and an ability to carry the lessons from one term over to subsequent ones. Despite the fast pace and the rigor of the curriculum, it is doable and in the end extremely rewarding.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from the MMS program is that your time at Fuqua is what you make of it.

Graduate school builds maturity not just through what is required of you but also through what is expected of you. You are expected to set your own goals beyond those dictated by grades and use these goals to determine how you use Fuqua’s resources. Have a business idea? Speak to a professor about it. Have an area of interest? Look for a faculty member, alumni, or MBA student to help you find resources to build your knowledge in this area – the opportunities are endless. Being proactive is key. Channeling your energy toward your passions rather than stress can help you reach your full potential.