During the last few weeks of the MMS program, there were many events to celebrate and embrace how far we’ve come, as well as give back to the community.

Students on stage
A scene about graduation, from the Fuqua Musical.

One of our final events was Fuqua Friday. Fuqua Friday is a weekly opportunity for the Fuqua community to gather and unwind over great food and drinks. Our last Fuqua Friday was especially memorable as it was held during reunion weekend. Fuqua alumni from across a number of class years came back to enjoy each other’s company and to interact with current students. It was great to hear about their experiences post-Fuqua and also meet their families. It’ll be interesting to see what my own Fuqua reunion will be like!

Another highlight of Fuqua Friday was the first-ever Fuqua Musical and Fuqua Idol. Fuqua Idol is an annual talent competition, which gives Fuquans the opportunity to showcase their skills in the realm of song and dance. The show was filled with lots of great humor and talent, and I must admit that some skills were more “unique” than others.

Student playing tennis
One of my classmates takes a swing during the tennis tournament.

Fuqua Friday provided a great opening to the weekend, which included the singles charity tennis tournament hosted by the MMS non-profit club. The purpose of the tournament was to raise money for two charities: Our Golden Hour and Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Though the tournament was short, it was a great opportunity to relax and also dedicate time to a worthy cause. As a student, seeing events like this reminds me of the great value that Fuqua puts on remaining engaged with our community, despite our numerous other commitments. Considering that we’re preparing to enter the professional world where there will be many demands on our time, learning how to fit in charitable activities is a great lesson to learn now.

With these final events, and the program wrapping up, I know I’ll truly miss Fuqua and what it has offered me. Hopefully the next time I see Fuqua Idol, it’ll be during my alumni reunion!