With friends at the end-of-the-year banquet.

Fuqua sponsored our end-of-the-year banquet just over a week ago at one of Durham’s best Italian restaurants, Piazza Italia. The event provided an opportunity to celebrate each other and our accomplishments. It was also a great way to socialize as a class. The night was filled with beautiful dresses, sharp suits, great food, great conversation and most important, great company. In addition to spending time with each other, we mingled with the faculty and staff who we’ve met during our time here at Fuqua. Some photos of the event are on the MMS Facebook page.

Classmate Albert Chen tries to quiet the applause as he accepts a Distinguished Service Award. He led many peer tutoring sessions during the year.

The atmosphere was electric, with everyone relieved to have exams behind them, and looking forward to graduation. It was really a celebration, and a number of students were recognized with awards for both leadership and service. Student award photos and descriptions are on Facebook.

Transformational Experience

On a personal level, the banquet provided time for me to reflect. The MMS program has been a great experience. I will admit that the journey has been tough and at times overwhelming, but I’m definitely glad that I made it. I had the chance to refine the things that I thought I already knew, and gained completely new knowledge. In the classroom, I’ve learned how to create and deliver a business presentation, value a company’s stock, analyze a company’s strategy, and research the ways in which consumers think. Outside of the classroom, I’ve had the chance to develop my entrepreneurial interests, work with the local Durham community, and form what I hope will be lifelong friendships. As the MMS program continues to grow and develop, and as more and more students leave their mark, I believe the program will flourish. I hope the program continues to truly be transformational, like it was for me.

What’s Next?

Graduation was just this past weekend, and I’m already feeling a bit nostalgic. On the other hand, I’m excited about what lies ahead. Though there is a large emphasis on working after graduation, there is also room for diversity in terms of post-graduation pursuits. My classmates are entering the traditional fields of finance, consulting and marketing, but there are also some who have chosen to devote their time to social enterprise projects, The Peace Corps, entrepreneurial pursuits, or their family business. A few classmates are also going on to pursue further graduate studies. I believe this reflects how Fuqua has appreciated and nurtured our diverse array of interests. There’s great flexibility in terms of what you can do after graduating from MMS! No matter where my classmates go, I wish everyone the best! Good luck and congratulations on graduation!