Favorite MMS Moment: Every moment! Hahaha. No, I’m serious. I loved being here.

Favorite Professor: Bob Nau. He taught Spreadsheet Modeling, and he’s my favorite! He’s amazing – he included screenshots with every in-class exercise and homework, and included detailed explanations. Excel can be very confusing, but he makes every step easy to follow! He’s also really nice and quick at responding to you on problems with any of the programs. I learned a lot and found an interest in a subject that I never thought I’d enjoy.

Favorite Off-Campus Hangout: Shooters … I’m half joking! Shooters is the ONE club in Durham. On a more serious note, I loved going to Bean Traders Coffee and Francesca’s. I also enjoyed LoYo a lot – it’s a local yogurt place. It’s right next to the Lofts, and they have great yogurt.

Best MMS Social Event: The Halloween party by the Connoisseur’s Club! That was such a good night.

Best BBQ: Was there BBQ?

Favorite Late-Night Eatery: Honestly, it’s McDonald’s! But the new late-night places I discovered in Durham are Cookout and Waffle House. Cookout has the BEST cheap food I’ve ever had, and their milkshakes are the best!!

Best Local Deals/Happy Hour: Carrabba’s! You get $10 off a pitcher of sangria on Wednesdays, so it’s just $12. They have the best sangria I’ve ever had, so it’s definitely worth going. Torero’s is also good – they have Duke student discounts, and great horchata and margarita nights.

What I Wish I’d Done Differently: I should have gotten a place at West Village! West Village is within walking distance to the bars and restaurants in downtown Durham, and a lot of MMS students lived there, so it would be a lot more convenient than where I stayed. I’m too lazy to drive to downtown (although it only takes about 10-5 minutes)!

I also wish I had gotten a car at the beginning of the program. It’s so inconvenient to not have a car around Durham.

Also, I should have spent more time at Fuqua’s Ford Library taking advantage of the resources there. Toward the end of the program, I started going there in the morning before my classes (my earliest class started at 12:15). I read periodicals and books that looked helpful to my interviews and job search.

Bucket List: Go to the beach and go on a road trip to DC.

A Quote Encompassing My MMS Experience/Memories: This is too hard to pick!

Most Random Thing to Do In Durham: Crash my car. That was a sad, unexpected, and random moment.