Take Advantage of Networking Opportunities

If you haven’t heard already, one of the most amazing things about being at Fuqua is the unlimited access to the “Fuqua network.” It goes without saying that some of the most prominent leaders in business are Fuqua alumni, including Steve Jobs’ successor at Apple, Tim Cook, and philanthropist/business woman extraordinaire, Melinda Gates, just to name a few. One thing I didn’t realize until I arrived, however, was the amazing resources, network, and alumni that Fuqua has right here within its walls.

Throughout the admissions and moving process, I was lucky to form great relationships with two members of the MMS admissions team. They were encouraging and helpful before I even arrived in North Carolina. While settling down in Durham, I reached out to both of them on good days and bad, and they supported me along my Fuqua journey.

Not only did these two people provide me with endless advice and guidance throughout some of the tough decisions I had to make while at Fuqua, but they also gave me tremendous opportunities. Before I found my job, they helped to put me in touch with their friends (including Fuqua alumni) who worked in industries of interest to me. Some of these contacts eventually turned into career mentors and coaches — they brought me into their companies for informational interviews, and looked over my cover letters and resume before I applied to positions.

Over and over again, I heard how important networking is. But as a busy student, sometimes it’s easy to forget how many people and resources there are right in front of you. At Fuqua, everyone you meet is a resource. Do the best you can to build relationships early, and foster them along the way. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with Fuqua’s staff, faculty, and alumni, as well as your own classmates and MBA students. Find people that you connect with, and build relationships with these people. I bet you’ll learn from their experiences and you’ll have valuable takeaways.

I’m proud that I left Fuqua with the knowledge that I will always have advocates and friends in this school — hopefully, you’ll feel the same way when you graduate from Fuqua.