MMS Super Bowl party, with plenty of TVs.

My classmate Zach gave me a high-five when I walked into the Satisfaction restaurant, saying “I am proud of you!” He was actually referring to the fact that I’d be watching the Super Bowl for the first time.

I was so glad that the MMS Sports Club organized the Super Bowl party for us. It was a great opportunity for me to have the chance to experience the enthusiasm for American football with my friends and classmates.

I enjoyed learning about American football from my classmates.

The game started and my friends kept explaining the rules to me. “Eventually it boils down to catching the ball and running to the M zone.” Okay, it wasn’t that bad. And everyone shouting and gasping actually helped me catch the rhythm of the game.

After Beyonce’s amazing performance came the blackout. So the night did not turn out exactly as I had expected, and the San Francisco 49ers didn’t make a miracle comeback after the blackout as their fans hoped. However, I had a great time hanging out with friends in a nice cozy restaurant. The free time was a precious 3 hours between school assignments and job applications. And I believe this Super Bowl is the first of many to come for me.