The time has come (the walrus said) for the MMS team to tie up any loose fundraising ends and gear up for the MBA Games Weekend, which starts this Friday. (See my previous post for additional details.) I am excited and nervous for it to all be over. On one hand, I am relieved to stop hitting up my family and friends for more money for the cause. On the other hand, I am terrified to learn the dance moves crafted by resident class choreographer, Taylor Glymph, for the opening ceremonies of the games.

Can’t Touch This

mms team t-shirt
MMS team T-shirt.

Our team has finally come up with a name. We have been struggling to settle on one for weeks now. I suggested we call ourselves the Asymptotes and that our slogan be Can’t Touch This. Get it? An asymptote is a line that you can approach but can never touch. Nerd humor, anyone? I can’t take all the credit for the name — it was the name of an opposing team during a mathlete bowling tournament in high school in which my team was called the Riemann Noodles.

My suggested name was met with blank stares and solemn head shakes. There was no way anyone wanted to be called the Asymptotes. However, the name Can’t Touch This managed to stick. I can’t divulge too much of our opening skit strategy, but I have a feeling some MC Hammer may be incorporated into our dance, wink wink.

Supportive Community

I am so proud of all of my classmates who have participated in our MBA Games fundraising so far. Although only a small portion of us are actually members of the team, I am touched by the support I have gotten from my class, and consider everyone to be a part of the team.

The ‘80s party was a huge success. Although one of the purposes was to raise money for our team, the main objective of the event was to bring both sections of the class together. As the year is winding down and we are finishing our last term of the program, most of us are becoming increasingly more aware that we’ll soon be graduating. We have to fit in as much as possible in these last few weeks. I was so impressed with the creative costumes everyone came up with. We managed to raise money and raise the roof at the same time. Go MMS!

This past week included trivia night at Fullsteam Brewery, in which the MMS team received 25% of sales of all beer pints and pitchers. It was made possible thanks to the networking of my classmate MJ with the brewery owner, Sean Wilson, who just happens to be a Fuqua MBA alumnus. I guess Team Fuqua really does extend after you graduate. Trivia night is always a blast, but the beer tasted even better knowing that it was for charity.

Lastly, this past Saturday was our LOYO day. Our team received 10% of all the goodies our supporters bought. It was a gorgeous day, so my classmate Kourtney Kellin and I didn’t mind taking shifts lounging outside of the yogurt shop and recruiting people to buy sweets for the cause. It didn’t take much arm twisting to entice them!

So that’s it! All of our fundraising events are over, and although we had a great turnout at the events, we still have not reached our fundraising goal. If you still haven’t visited our team website, there’s no time like the present!